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 Returning back to the village[Aoi]

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Hanashi Shikyo

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PostSubject: Returning back to the village[Aoi]   Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:49 pm

Going back towards Kumogakure no Sato while raining wasn't the best choices, right? Well, even if it was raining, it didn't stop the people from going about their own way, some having umbrellas, others having coats with hoodies on and other simply doing their normal every day things even if they didn't have any protection from the rain. The guards on the gates were getting pelted by the rain, they're eyes narrowed as they saw two figures appearing, one looked like a young woman and the other appeared to be a younger girl. It was Hanashi and Aoi coming back, Hanashi didn't have her coat on, Aoi did. She happened to give it to her when the rain was starting to pour. Her bangs were clinging to her face while she had her arms inside her front pockets as they were walking a slow pace towards the gates.

One of the guards ran towards them, his persona getting pelted by the oncoming rain as he approached Hanashi and Aoi. Once he was in front of them, Hanashi stopped, looking at the man with her. She had a somewhat peaceful expression on her face as she blinked innocently at him, the guard started speaking. "Welcome back. Was there any problems?" Hanashi shook her head, her wet hair moving with the shaking and then ended up clinging to her cheeks and she moved them away. "It was all quiet, I happen to find Aoi, a young Gennin training out there so I decided that she should come with me, that's pretty much it."

The guard nodded, his jet black used to be spiky hair sort of... dropped down, his headband around his head as the usual wear for many Shinobis. His eyes were a light turquoise color that seemed to get dark or lighter depending on the lighting. He nodded. "Ahh, I see then. Very well, I'll just let you guys be on your way then." He smiled quickly at Hanashi and went back to his post with the other guards, who seemed to be teasing him about something but she shrugged it off and proceeded to enter the village.

The rain was hitting Hanashi's already wet clothes as they entered the village. They weren't that much people out but it wasn't empty either, it was like half and half. The rain, something Hanashi loved, and it also gave her the sense of nostalgia. Ahh, it was like that time in Ame, meeting- She shook her head and sighed, letting the rain hit her body, letting it consume her but she couldn't, not yet. She had to take Aoi somewhere dry, she turned around, looking at Aoi who was using her cloak for at least -some- protection from the rain. Her emerald eyes, looking strangely dark stared at Aoi while having a calm look on her face. "Well, here we are. Back in Kumo, where do you live by any chance, Aoi?" She wanted to -at least- take her to her home, and then go back to hers probably, or before that go and get her son. But, she at least wanted to make sure Aoi would get to her house safely.
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PostSubject: Re: Returning back to the village[Aoi]   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:11 pm

Rain. Aoi, who was a native to Kumogakure no Sato, hated the rain. A strange thing, since it was forever raining in Kumo, like it was Amegakure or something. Aoi snorted and shook her head. She had her reason's for hating the rain. Whenever it did, Aoi's bangs always clumped up and stuck to her forehead, sleeking down and covering her eyes. Her side bangs would always stick to her cheeks, never moving no matter what. Aoi would always have to rub her face raw to just get them off. An over-exasgeration, of course, but still it was a pain in the ass.

Another reason Aoi hated the rain was because of her jacket. Her signature jacket, lined with a long-gone fox's fur, always got ruined in the rain. The water would soak the fur and leave it damp for a week or more. Not only that, but it would take forever for the fur to aquire back it's " fluffy-ness ".

Aoi wanted to smack herself. What kind of ninja said " fluffy-ness "? Sighing mentally at her own stupidness, Aoi kept on walking.

As Hanashi and herself walked down the mountain and to the village gates, Aoi opted to stare at the ground, rather than force the more mature and older nin into conversation. Besides, talking wasn't the only thing Aoi found fascinating. Keeping her eyes down, she floated off into her own little world, keeping an eye on where Hanashi was leading to. Following Hanashi the whole way, Aoi smiled to herself, silently thanking the older ninja for showing her the way back.

Rain pelted down on Aoi and Hanashi as they got closer. Aoi, who was only half way paying attention, almost slipped in the mud a couple of times. There was another thing to add to the list of why Aoi hated the rain.

"Welcome back. Was there any problems?" Hanashi shook her head, her wet hair moving with the shaking and then ended up clinging to her cheeks and she moved them away. "It was all quiet, I happen to find Aoi, a young Gennin training out there so I decided that she should come with me, that's pretty much it."

Aoi almost jumped at the sound of the guard's voice. Breathing a deep sigh, she grinned to herself. Finally home. Staring at the guard's smiling face, she nodded to him politely as she and Hanashi entered the village. The rain had slowed down into a small drizzle.

Looking around, Aoi took in the familar sights of Kumogakure. She glanced at the tea shop on the corner. It was run by an elderly couple, who were extremely nice. When Aoi was younger, the elderly couple would sometimes give small Aoi a cookie while her parents would have tea inside. The cookies where always warm, a sweet sugar coating on them. Aoi never knew why they gave her a cookie everytime. As far as she knew, the shop didn't even sell them.

Glancing to the other side of the street, Aoi eyed a dumpling shop. It was her favorite place to stop by after a long day of training. Smiling to herself, she reached into her pocket.


'DAMNIT, AOI, HOW STUPID ARE YOU!? First your lunch, and now your money! What else have you forgotten today?!' Aoi thought angerly. As she mentally chastised herself, Hanashi spoke.

"Well, here we are. Back in Kumo, where do you live by any chance, Aoi?"

Aoi blinked, looking at the tall nin. Then, looking back to the street, she figured out where her home was from here.

" Oh, ah, I live in an apartment building a few blocks away. I can get there from here. " Aoi said, eyes wide. She didn't want to trouble the ninja any further. " Thanks for walking with me back to the village. "

Grinning she put her hands in her pocket. " It was cool to meet you, Hanashi-san "
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Returning back to the village[Aoi]
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