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Happy New Year:

Year: 0638

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Kumo: Snow Storm

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 Apon Arrival

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PostSubject: Apon Arrival   Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:26 pm

Yoshimaru made the bird turn to begin going to the front of the village near the mountain range. Flying over the mountains and into the village, Yoshimaru looked down and around for the entrance. 'Its so high-tech..' He thought and got closer, as he landed infront of what seemed to be a train station. There wasnt anyone around, because of how early it was in the morning. 'Release..' Yoshimaru thought as the chain of chakra broke, and the large bird, him, and his son became visible again. Yoshimaru then awakened his Koudogan once more, digging his dirt coloured fingers inside the bird, sucking up the dirt and stone and whatever was made up of this bird, back into his hands and chakra system. It wasnt until a few minutes, the bird was gona and it was just him and his son. Closing his eyes and opening them back up, Yoshimaru's eyes went back to being a radiant blue colour.

To their right, a large bullet like train had been sitting on a pair of rails. The lights were on it, and after a second, it honked at them. "I suppose whoever runs the train, they want us on it." Yoshimaru told his son, as Yoshidoku put his arms up, and his father picked him up. The man stood at the doors of the train, as they opened up and he stepped inside. The room they were now standing in was empty, as there were seats from left to right of the train. Yoshimaru sat down and Yoshidoku sat in the seat next to him. It was quiet, and relaxing, but to the small boy he was quite scared, due to not having to ever been in one before. "Welcome aboard Kumogakure's bullet train!" A deep voice boomed through the radio above them. "Next stop, Kumogakure!" It then said, as Yoshimarus smiled. This whole time, all the travelling, and they were finally about to be inside the village once and for all.

As the minutes passed by, Yoshimaru and his son stared out the opposite window to themselves, watching as the scenery went by. Slowly, the train came to a halt, causing the two males to slightly shift on accident to the side, but they caught themselves. "We have arrived! Have a good day." The voice boomed one last time and cut off at the end. Yoshimaru then stood up, stretching slightly. The doors them shifted open slowly, Yoshidoku taking his fathers hand as the two stepped out of the train. Taking in a large breath of Kumo's air, Yoshimaru looked forward at the large city. "We made it... I cant believe we made it." Yoshimaru whispered to himself, smiling brightly at his new life. He still had his mask on, and he was going to keep it on until he went to the Raikage tower... If he could find it.
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Apon Arrival
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