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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: BAD APPLICATION EXAMPLE   Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:25 pm

Sadara Uchiha wrote:
Name: Sadara Uchiha

Age: Appears to look 17
Rank: Anbu Assassin

Gender: Male

Clan: Uchiha

Appearance: He has long black hair, his eyes in their standby from are silver. first stage of his Sharingan is red second stage of it is blue and the third and final stage is a mixture between two Sharingan's right eye White, Left eye Blue. he has Two sword one of which is on his back and the other is fastened to his waist, this allows him agile movement in his quick dodge efforts.

Personality: Sadara is a mild tempered impatient male. he only uses energy when it is required one of the reasons he was able to become an Anbu Assassin. his skills of Ultilizing low level Genin through academy level jutsu's to defend himself without draining his chakra is a great asset to him. As well as his more Bigger chakra consuming jutsu's. He is skilled in the way of Assassination, he sometimes would be seen on rescue missions or just out and about. He's easy to make friends with but sometimes will not act as if he does. He hates liers and thiefs, he's some what cocky at times when he battles, because like i said earlier he most the time uses low level jutsu's to get out of alot of things which alot of times pisses his opponent off and causes them to lose focus and create and opening which in turn allows him to push his cockiness aside and go in for the higher level jutsu's. He is very protective of his fiends when it come's down to the people he cares about he is never too far from the action. He dislikes conflict but will kill in the matter of a second if tested, he also is the second brother of Madara being his twin so that make's three.

History: Sadara is the twin brother of the late great Madara he is more of a calm and settle fellow though he acts cocky. He was born about the same time as madara but stayed in the shadow's alot. He was the one who refused to give Madara his eyes after he had went blind thus creating a fued between the two. His mother and father both died. When he was 11 he was a chunnin and at 14 he was a Jonin and when he turned 16 he was inducted into the Anbu Rankings. His brother knew him all too well and felt that he wouldn't even make it through basic training but to Madara's surprise he passed and made the top of his class. Being able to see the chakra trail of other was a great asset to him as well and which gave him the Anbu ranking of Assassion meaning being able to find you and track you down and kill you. In his sharingan's third state he has Two different Sharingans one which is white and the other which is blue. This is because His best friend was dying and he gave it to him upon a whim, but he took a common regular eye from a dying special jonin and converted it into a New Sharingan which was white. this gave him a surprised advantage against Madara when they fought. this fight was right before Itachi and Madara met which is why Itachi's first meeting with MAdara Was in the shadows as to where Itachi couldn't see Madara because MAdara was ashamed to be so badly bruised by his younger twin brother. His life now settle he returned back to the anbu force and that's where he stayed, Knowing one day his brother would return in search of his eyes. Sadara is not married nor does he have any kids and he believes that love is only common in those who seek it. He is the future trainer of Konohamaru And his squad, he takes a special liking to the boy and the young girl of which he teaches them everything and they grow up to become great shinobi. The other child was trained in secret and was a very skilled tracker he was later inducted into the Anbu Tracker. He is sometimes a Support ninja to Sadara on special Missions. Sadara seeks only to improve the skills of others and better everyone around him and make sure that Kohonoha will be Safe.

Village: From the Leaf but he created his own and resides in the Shadow village

Rank: Anbu Assassin

element:Fire and lightning.

Nindo: Those who Don't Respect their comrades can never learn to respect themselves

Equipment:Two diamond crafted katana's

Jutsu: Ninpou, Kawara Shuriken, Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu, Shuriken, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Mikazuki no mai, Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin, Doton Doryuuheki, Souja sousai no jutsu, Katon, Goukakyuu no Jutsu, Katon, Karyuu Endan, Katon, Housenka no Jutsu, Gogyo Fuuin, Gogyo Kaiin, Kirigakure no Jutsu, Senai Jashuu, Kuchiyose Edo Tensei, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Mizu bunshin no jutsu, Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu, Suiton, Suijinheki, Suiton, Suiryuudan no Jutsu, and Suirou no Jutsu.

Clan: Uchiha

RP sample:

-His form then shot of the male Mizuri now with great force as he appeared off into the distance, he then bared his fangs now showing his claws and both of his tails now flowing with chakra he unlocked the dark kuro-tenchigan as he smirked now dashing towards the male Mizuri now appearing in his range now as he was close enough to whisper into his ear "do not fear for i will solve it all" he closed his eyes as he then vanished now. his form now appeared several feet away from him in the distance as he dashed onward into the deep forest now headed for the mountain where the deadly four reside as he land on a tree branch in front of the cave to the mountain h took off his head band and threw it into the air and he drew a kunai and slung it at the head band. the kunai then connected to the head band thus pinning it to the outer cave wall as it dangled now. he clinched his fist as he dashed in the cave his eyes fully opened now as he headed in head first forming hand signs which sealed the others from getting in now as he said to himself" i am sorry silver, Satsuki, and most of all Mizuri i....i must do this alone!" he headed in the long tunnel of the cave as he cave to one of the 4 deadly shinobi as he slid to a stop slamming his claws into the ground now. he smirked at the shinobi as he yelled " i will take that scroll and kill all of your kind if i die in the process!" he then dashed in as he extended his right knee into the gut of the male shinobi now with great speed-

-The shinobi grabbed the leg of the male Sadara now as he used his tail to slam him into the wall now with every slam the cave interior would then began to shake as blood trickled from the face of Sadara now. laughing as he did so he then released the male in the direction of the wall as he sent him flying face forward into the wall. he watched the male slam into the wall now, he appeared in the form of Sadara once more pressing his hand against the back of Sadara's head now burying his face deeper into the wall now. he then said to the male " Why do you do this barging into my domain and for a scroll which doesn’t concern you and now that you have drawn first attack i will kill you and your ninja and your entire village!"Sadara then spun around slamming his right elbow into the chin of the male now as he sent him flying across the room landing on his back as he slide to a stop and dust began to fill the air, all that could be seen is his new found eyes as they glowed in the distance now. images of Mizuri, silver, Satsuki, and all of the other ninja and villagers flashed inside of his head. he parted his lips to say to the male " you want to know why i do it? i do it for them they are my family and family protects their family no matter what and that's what i intend to do.....i will get that scroll and i will kill you at any cost because that is my duty as the Hokage! and you even speaking of hurting my family i will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" his form then dashed at the male as a purple chakra emerged from his body lashing out at the male shinobi now as the new embodiment reached for the figure in the distance the male shinobi moved with quickness and without hesitation. the shinobi then spoke to him from the shadows " well i think it is only right you know your killers name my name is Yamatori." Yamatori then appeared out of the shadows as he dashed towards Sadara now extending his right fist toward the head of his form now. the purple embodiment around his form then extending two hands as they grasped whole of the male Yamatori’s hand and slammed him through the wall now.-

-the male Sadara now glanced off into the distance as he then began to think of Mizuri as a smiled filled his scuffed up face as blood dripped down from his lips he still continued to smile disavowing all knowledge to the pain he was now starting to experience. his focus then turned to Satsuki now as it made him smile more and he said to himself " so young and full of passion to become better and she will do what ever it takes to for fill her dream.... i will not let her dream be crushed!!!!!" his final focus turned to silver now as his eyes then soon filled with tears now as he said to himself " my true brother and best friend i will protect you!" clinching his fist he right his right hand to his waist as he now said " I Will Protect You All!!!" he then looked at Yamatori awaiting for him to crawl out of the crater in the wall he then yelled " i know your not dead get up!"

This is from someone that tranferred from a Naruto site to US.

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