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Happy New Year:

Year: 0638

Month: 1

Season: Winter
Your weekly weather report:
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January 16th to January 22nd

Konoha: Snow Storm

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Kumo: Snow Storm

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  Keiji Akira

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PostSubject: Keiji Akira   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:13 am

NPC To:Konoha/ANBU
Name: Keiji Akira

Age: 47
Age Appearance:Late 30s



Skill Level: A
Ninja Rank: ANBU Captain

Village: Konoha
Birthplace: Konoha
Previous Village:-

Personality: Keiji is a very soft-spoken individual who mostly keeps to himself rather than speak out. He has a side of him some would call ”cold” because of this. Despite this, Keiji has a very protective side of him and he will do anything to protect his clan, especially put his life on the line. He has been known to be a believer of "tough love" and therefor, if one wishes to be strong, they will have to get there themselves. The most a teacher can do is point them in the right direction, they'll have to do the walking and climbing themselves.

Keiji's sense of humor is somewhat... not there. He has heard a few jokes in his lifetime and has never gotten a single one of them, holding in his monotone expression pretty much 24/7, or along those lines. He does however have a side of him that can smile every once in a while, but it would take alot to get that out of him.

Keiji is the kind of person that doesn't accept failure to any degree and believes that every mission should be carried out with perfection. This doesn't mean that he's a dictator of some sorts, just that he loves to see subordinates prevail against all odds. Keiji is also a very intelligent man and can usually think of strategies with little time needed, recalling very important events to play to these strategies.

Goals: N/A
Alignment: Konoha

Canon Personality: N/A

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Kenjutsu | Piercing
Recessive: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Raiton
Recessive: Fuuton


Special Characteristics:
Chakra Control: These users have excellent chakra control, which means they waste little chakra in battle. People with excellent chakra control usually have average or below average chakra. Since the amount of chakra is smaller, it is easier to master control over it. People with this skill are like, Itachi, Kakakshi and Orochimaru.

Tracking/Senses: This skill gives the user a good ability with his senses, being able to track opponents from a distance without them knowing, no matter the ranking the person is most of the time. They have high senses and are able to effectively use their abilities to keep their senses tuned on an opponent. These are your stealth-type characters. The prerequisites for the senses skill is Chakra Control. If you can just track and are not in tune with your senses then there is no prerequisite.

Speedster: Due to physical training, character's with this trait are much faster than the average ninja.

The Wall: Character's with this trait are very adept at hiding their feelings, keeping them under lock and key. Emotions will not be easily noticed by those who do not know the user very well.

LIAR!: Character's with this trait are well versed in the art of lying. They have had practice lying and their bodies give no noticeable clue when they lie. When one of their lies is discovered they often cover it with another lie. This trait is on even footing with 'The Human Polygraph' meaning their lying skills when confronting someone with the opposite trait are the same as an average liar.

The Human Polygraph: Character's with this trait are able to pierce through a lairs veil by reading habits, quirks or nervous reactions given off by a liar. This trait is on even footing with 'LIAR!' meaning their polygraph skills become average when in a 'LIAR!'s presence.

Public Profile
Name:Konohagakure's Dual Sword
-Dark Hair
-Wields Twin Dual Swords
- 223lb
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: A
Age: 47
Info:Konoha's Dual Sword has been said to be the leader of Konoha's ANBU black ops. He is of the up and coming Akira clan of the village and is said to lead it also. Keiji Akira is a master in the Art of Kenjutsu, a known trait of the Akira clan and holds a high rate of knowledge in the art if Ninjutsu. The Dual Sword is also known for his incredible speed, utilizing it to produce nearly unseeable results.

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Hanashi Shikyo

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PostSubject: Re: Keiji Akira   Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:36 pm

Approved unless said otherwise.
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Keiji Akira
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