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 Never ending darkness (open)

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PostSubject: Never ending darkness (open)   Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:39 am

Some say darkness is where evil creatures lurk, but then what does that mean for me? Kitty was walking down the streets of Kumogakure, obviously she was in a philosophical state. The sound of cars whizzing by her, and the constant chatter of the pedestrians helped keep her from going off and getting herself hurt. With her eyes closed and her brow furrowed, Kitty kept walking forward, not knowing exactly where she was going. Ever since she tried to get a tattoo and went off on her parents, they didn't talk to her the same, and she was pretty sure they didn't look at her the same either. They didn't care how late she stayed out, or if she came back with a huge gash on her arm, it was like she was invisible like they were to her.

In a world full of darkness, where evil creatures lurk, everyone is the boogie-man. Everyone is the enemy. A tap to the shoulder, made Kitty involuntarily open her eyes and turn her head to the disturbance. Her small pale hands bawled up into fist ready for a fight. Strands of blond and pink hair moved infront of her face, luckily it didn't really matter all that much.

"Kid you really should look where you are going or you're going to get yourself hurt."

Kitty scowled at the man before her. From the sound of his voice he didn't sound like he was a big tough guy, and from the remark he really was trying to help her out, but she didn't need help. She was an independent girl, she could take care of herself. No matter what anyone else thought. Her piercing blue eyes glared at the man, as she took a step towards him.

"Why don't you mind your own business."

Her voice was cold, and it equally matched her demeanor. From the sudden intake of air, it seemed she had caught him by surprise with her tone, but she really didn't care. Sighing, she walked right past the man slightly brushing her shoulder against him before he could say anything. She could practically feel his gaze linger on her as she walked off. I'm not helpless, i'm not.. Kitty really didn't care how pointless it was to be mean to that guy, he was the enemy, no matter how nice he acted.

Following the sounds of all the footsteps of the other on-goers, Kitty continued to walk. That was until she ran straight into a bench, flipping her over and skinning up her bare knees. She winced in pain as she sat herself up on the bench. This is what she gets for not going with her usual attire. O' it's too hot to go out in a hoodie and jeans, i'm such an idiot. Feeling the polyester that made up her shorts, she wasn't too sure what color it was, but she was pretty sure it was black because that was the only kind of shorts she owned.

Dabbing at her knee, she felt something wet. Dammit, I'm bleeding! Wiping the blood off her hand onto her gray tank-top, Kitty reached in her pockets seeing if she could find something to cover up her knee. With nothing but the ever so useful pocket lint, Kitty sighed and flopped her back on the bench. A wet drop fell directly in the middle of Kitty's face, anger seemed to come off in waves from her. This is just freaking perfect!

Soon the it was pouring down rain, but Kitty still sat there. She could hear the ongoing pedestrians running off to find shelter, but she just sat there in her own self pity. Screw you mother nature! As if mother nature herself heard her, it began to rain even harder. Wiping her soaked blond and pink hair away from her face, Kitty decided to get up and at least find a tree to sit under. The sound of rain seemed to mask all other sounds, leaving poor Kitty vulnerable. So, instead of being an idiot and running out into traffic Kitty closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

She willed all those years of training, and let her skills of being a sensor show. Kitty lifted her nose in the air and gave a quick sniff. Not only did she get all sorts of water up her nose, but she could smell the pure sense of chakra coming off in waves over to her right. Walking off in that direction, Kitty bumped into something. Seriously!? Again?! Putting her hands over what she bumped into, she realized it was a sign.

Her fingers traced the lettering on the sign. Kumogakure Square Park. Good that means at least I can find shelter under the playground Walking off more towards the right, where she initially felt the chakra, she continued to walk. The closer she got to the park, the more the chakra called out to her. Continuing to walk with her hands out in front of her, Kitty walked into a jungle gym. From the feel of it, it was wooden, moving her hands to the left she felt a ladder.

Grabbing a hold of it, she began to climb up the jungle gym. It seemed her luck was turning around, because this jungle gym had a roof! Kitty basked in the semi-dryness, and flopped onto the wooden flooring. Her hands reached out around the jungle gym to feel how much space she had, and it wasn't much. It seemed just a foot above her head was a plastic side, another foot to her left and right was a wall, and her feet were right up on the edge of the jungle gym. What is this a playground for midgets?

Come on! I'm shorter than the average person and I can barely fit on this! More anger welled up in Kitty, as she began to curl up into a ball. But, the anger didn't last long. Her breathing began to get slower, and slower. Shortly after that her eyes closed, and she was asleep.

Dream World

It was dark, like it always was. Kitty couldn't tell if her eyes were open or closed, but she never could anyway. Soon a voice, one she never heard before began to say something. It was mumbling, it was mumbling by a male. Definitely a male due to it's low pitch. The voice began to get louder and louder, until it sounded like someone was talking right into Kitty's ear.

"A girl can never be a shinobi, much less a blind girl. You will be the downfall for all of Kumogakure. People like you bring a bad name for everybody, that's why you should just go kill yourself. Save the world some trouble and do it."

Kitty's eyes widened, her head began to shake. No, it's not true. I'm not worthless! All the sudden it felt like something grabbed her throat. Two cold hands, gripped her neck and began to squeeze; she couldn't breath! She could practically feel the life oozing out of her, tears streamed down her face, while she grabbed a hold of the hands and tried to pull away. Then it was all gone.

It was dark again, it was silent. Am I dead? She couldn't tell, it felt like every day to her, but she was scared none the less. Kitty didn't wanna die, not yet, not till she made a name for herself! Then she saw a light, it was small, but it was getting bigger. Again Kitty's eyes widened, she never saw light, at least not like that. This was the scariest/happiest moment of her life, she could see but it didn't matter because she was about to die anyway. Then BAM, it was right on top of her.


Kitty woke up in pants, the rain was still pouring but it was a light drizzle now. She wasn't sure if it was sweat or just rain that was falling down her skin, but she didn't care anyway. Touching everything around her, Kitty realized she had just been dreaming. I still have time..time to make a name for myself.All the sudden a sound came from just below her, it was the chakra she felt before!

"Who's there?!"
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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Re: Never ending darkness (open)   Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:35 am

He swiped the blood from his edge of his lip. He looks at his fist which showed the mixture of saliva and blood. He was use to this by now and it landed no effect on his conscious mind. The mind is a tricky thing and when you look at things, the subconscious sees things differently. Kaisen knew that looking at this blood would trigger something in the future.

A sigh emerged from his mouth letting a white cloud of air into the cold mountain atmosphere. It disapaited the moment it was let out and Kaisen glanced up and saw his father right in front of him, his blade risen back to slice at his head. It was there that Kaisen saw something in his fathers eyes. It didn't scare him but it was something comforting, almost like walking into a warm room after being outside in the cold. Hello darkness, let your embrace take me.

His father swinged hortizontally and Kaisen reaction was to naturally dodge it by ducking under. This wasn't good, he thought, he knew what was the next thing his father was going to do and that was a front kick to his face. He suffered enough from his front kicks and the only thing left to do was to either block it or dodge it. His father reaction time was greater than his own and the only he could do was to raise his hands up to block the oncoming kick. When he made contact, the force was strong enough to send him flying into the snow and as he rolled, he had a sudden urge of eating something fruity; he was thinking an apple maybe or a banana. It was odd, he would later come to find that his father had kicked him so hard his senses went out of whack for a second.

His rolling came to an end and Kaisen stood up in a daze. His eyes weren't focus and it was hard for him to see his father, who was now moving towards him in threes. Focus dammit, focus. No need for his father, who had ever intentions of killing him, to get the upperhand at this. His legs widen a bit, trying to steady himself. If he was going to die, he wasn't going to die in a daze. His hands were cringed, the style of the dragon ready to pounce at him. His fathers eyes, cold as they were, did not intimidate him. Kaisen only took a step forward and then leaped towards his father...

Whom is it that I fear...there is nothing that puts fear in me...no longer...nothng...

His dreamlike state was broken when he felt the pelts of rain fall on his forehead and cheek. What a surprise, it was raining yet again. He looks up at the overcast sky and wonders if nature itself was watching him. Was it nature that placed gentle kisses on his cheek or small droplets of tears that was saying he needed to cry. Kaisen did not take an precautions to cover himself. He was use to the snow of the mountains, it's bitter cold touch did nothing to chill his body. It was the internal background he pictured his mind was like; it was always snowing or it was always raining.

Coming back from the mission only a few weeks after, it felt a bit strange to walk in the village again and not have to go back into the mountains. He was use to the extreme loneliness that the mountains usually gave to him. He accepted that loneliness as apart of him, a estranged friend that only he could understand but walking down the street as the cars drove past gave him a slight vertigo. He felt the life again like he did only a few months before yet this life was very unrealistic, an illusion that he proposed to himself; like walking in a doll house with all the fake dolls and figures that sat down at the table, sipping at the invisible tea.

It began to rain harder and he saw people rushing towards shelter. Scared of a bit of rain? This was nothing and they should get use to it. It was a wet blanket to Kaisen, enjoyable at the very least. He would decide to take a walk further. He was very far from his apartment and he wasn't in the mood of going in there just yet. He wanted to see more of this place; it's been so long he thought, long like a warm summer.

As he turned the corner into another district, he see's a young woman of his age walking along towards the park. She was stumbling as if she was drunk or on some type of medicine that was making her loopy as she walked. To a normal person, that would be the complete assumption but from Kaisen's view, that was not the case. He couldn't put his finger on it and he didn't know whether or not he should ask how she was doing or if she needed help. What the hell he thought, I might be doing something good. Or would he be doing something bad? It was a matter of perspective he thought again and he didn't look back at that thought as he moved towards the park.

The rain had intensified just a bit more, his afro was surely taking the beating that any hair would take against intense weather like this. He wanted to cut his hair, maybe shorten it just a bit to make it scalp breathe a little easier but he liked his hair. The green tint that gave an impression of oddness to it. He was an odd character to say the least, might as well keep the odd hairstyle. Where did she get off to? There was a little playground in this part, a place for small children to roam around in. There was another set of jungle gyms and swings just twenty meters westward but he had a feeling that he didn't need to move over there. It was good thing too, he saw the girl.

As he walked toward the jungle gym, her attention was immediate. She turned to Kaisen's direction and said "Who's there?!?". Kaisen did not stir to this. He was calm and she would see that it was someone of calm intent. She seemed rather surprised than shocked which meant that she probably already had a sense on her. With his assumptions, he could tell that this girl was blind.

"I saw that you were stumbling over to this park. I was going to ask if you need any assistance but it appears that you are fine" He didn't want to appear ignorant or give her the assumption that he was giving self-pity

What caught Kaisen now was that her heartbeat was more than moving fast, it was rapid, almost as if she was about have a heart attack. There was somethimg bothering her, something pulling at her, prickling at her side and it was fairly annoying. He wasn't going to push any buttons, she looked a bit defensive at that and him just starting to poke at matters that shouldn't concern him would be bad at his part "Would you mind coming down? I have an umbrella that I could lend and I could get you to some place warm or perhaps something to drink to get the chill out of you" He sounded extremely typical but he couldn't help that fact, he wasn't use to talking to people. At the very least, he had never talked to a blind person.

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Kurayami Kaisen:
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PostSubject: Re: Never ending darkness (open)   Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:14 pm

Kitty's breath came in sharp intakes, this guy was like everyone else on this cursed Earth. He was the enemy, and he needed to learn how to use those damn legs, and walk away. Her usual scowl became a venomous glare, as the man commented on how she bumped into everything. Shaking her head, she plopped herself back on the jungle gym floor and crossed her arms. Why don't people just learn to mind their own business!

Brushing a few select of pink hair away from her face, she stared into the darkness. Her heartbeat was coming in fast like it always did when she was forced to talk to strangers. Boom, Ba-boom, Boom; the pitter patter of her heart was driving her insane. With each beat, her anger swelled up more and more. The anger inside her was getting so great that her blue eyes began to water. Not now!

"Would you mind coming down? I have an umbrella that I could lend and I could get you to some place warm or perhaps something to drink to get the chill out of you"

The tears quickly dissipated, if Kaisen was staring at her eyes at that moment, he probably would've sworn that her eyes flashed red with anger. What the hell is wrong all of these people. I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF! Her pale, short arms banged against the wooden wall of the jungle gym. Giving off an eerie echo throughout the park. Lifting herself up she moved her face towards the man, showing her obvious anger that he probably already sensed.

"Why don't you take your umbrella and your kindness and give it to someone that wants it because i sure don't want your pity, and if that hurts your feelings than too damn bad!"

Doing a 180 degree turn Kitty hopped down the slide, and began to stomp off angrily. She didn't make it two steps before it began to pour down even harder, each drop of rain almost felt like a needle to the face because of how fast it was coming down. Just great. Shaking her head like a dog, she continued to storm off in some random direction.

Her exposed arms were crossed as she continued to walk. The anger within her was slowly dissipating, and she did feel a little guilt from being rude to all those people, but they just didn't understand what it was like to be pitied all of your life. She was not going to let anyone pity her ever again, she would push herself and stay true to herself for that was her nindo. Then like it has been doing since she has been outside her hair began to cling to her face, and it was really getting on her nerves.

Damn hair, I almost want to chop it all off. Her anger swelled up a bit again, as she slammed her hand into her pocket. Again she felt the usual lint, but she also found a simple rubber band which she applied to her hair and made a sloppy pony-tail. Shaking her head, she continued to walk. I wonder if he followed me. She thought, as she took a whiff of the air; trying to see if she could smell his chakra anywhere near her.

OOC: Sorry if that's too short
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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Re: Never ending darkness (open)   Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:09 am

It was the same Kaisen thought. The same feeling that he got when she yelled at him for putting up the front of pity. Pity he thought was only a term humans came when someone felt sorry for another person. Her eyes burn with such anger within those pupils, empty and hollow as they were yet she would sense later that he did not have a sense of pity inside of him. Mercy was just another word that came out of peoples mouth, holding no water against this boy. No, he wasn't consider a boy. A boy had huge dreams, big ideals, youthful euthanism that spread. Kaisen lacked all of these. His dream was small, his ideals were not big but philosophical. He lacked such fierey youthfulness.

She did a full 180 on him and slid down the jungle gyms slide. She stomped off and with each stomp Kaisen could sense the amount of anger within them. Kaisen's eyes remained what they were; colder than obsidan black that only stared emptily forward. He took a deep breath and sighed mildly. He tried to show kindness yet it would not be taken. Perhaps it was too fake. Yes, that's what Kaisen would think. Perhaps mentioning the obvious that she was bumping into things would be slightly irritable.

Nevertheless, he walked around the jungle gym and continued on the path towards his home and by random perhaps, she was walking the path that he would take towards his apartment, grimey as it was towards the omnious ghettos of Kumogakure. Maybe there was a type of purpose and at the moment he did not see it. It was foolish to think he didn't because his mind was thinking and when Kaisen thought it was like a machine working rapidly; every nook and craney, gear and spokes was moving fluidly. As his mind moved his body only walked forward in a the motion of left and right. He was in autopilot in a sense.

Walking twenty feet away from the young woman, blind as she, she was able to move on the sidewalk with no trouble. Her stomping slowly ended and she was walking normally. She was getting suspicious, thinking that he was following her. A creeper perhaps. They exist everywhere regardless of sex, race, religon or terrain. Mankind was like that, always showing some type of kindness to open a door to the heart only to crush it in their palms. She would sniff the air and what she would smell was his chakra. But it was an odd type of smell, something not menacing or rather frightening.

This man was young, yet his chakra smelled as if it was like a rare and old wine. Maybe not a wine exactly but more of something aged like cheese. It was a variety of smells that was oddly warm and comforting and yet at the same time it odd and fanatical; an assumption that this man understood her blindness and was usuing that against her to open herself up. Another trick, just another way to fool such a blind young woman. She would not accept that really and of course she not let some person take pity on someone like her. What was odd about it was that why would he want to open the heart of a blind person, a person of her stature? It was odd to say at least. Who would want to help someone who didn't want help.

Kaisen wasn't paying much attention to the enviroment surrounding him. His father commented on how he was able to function as if he was aware of his surroundings during times of great thought. Kaisen didn't hear the trinkling of the rain fall down harder as it hit the sidewalks, he didn't feel the pelts of rain as it hit his skin and moved down on his cheek. He was in great thought, of what he was thinking was a mystery and perhaps he did not know what he was thinking about. Many things cross in his mind at once, like a computer downloading loads of information all simeltaneously. His thought process broke when a car raced past them both. Kaisen was next to a large puddle of water and the car splashed his entire body.

His eyes somewhat dampen but he was now aware. Where the hell did that puddle come from? He realized then that he now behind the young woman who was walking away from him. It would not be long before she would sense his presence had stopped. If she had yelled at him, he was not aware of it.

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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PostSubject: Re: Never ending darkness (open)   

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Never ending darkness (open)
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