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 It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !

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Hanashi Shikyo

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Location : Living in a fantasy based on reality.

PostSubject: It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !   Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:39 pm

Dark red eyes stared back right into her emerald ones, his silver hair covering a bit of his eyesight, making it seemed much more mysterious. He had a cocky-like smirk on his face, something that would be normal in Hanashi's book. His usual red jacket that he always wore, his black shirt that showed his entire anatomy of his muscular but thin upper body. His shoes, the same damn shoes since first seeing him once again. The same metallic like-boots. The boots were tied together by both the front and the side. On the side had metal buttons that clipped together. And as usual, around his waist were a few kunais and knives.

His gloves, the same damn gloves he also wore when first meeting her were black, a midnight black. Hanashi's eyes seemed more serious than usual, as if she was back to her older self, before 'he' came along, which seemed to be annoying him. But inside, Hanashi was as vulnerable as ever, acting like a little child who wanted their parents when he or she had gotten lost in the park or somewhere else. That's how she felt at the moment. "Someone's changed." The man said, scanning Hanashi up and down, a raised eyebrow while having a straight line instead of having that same smirk.

She blinked, her eyes letting her emotions be seen. Hanashi was dressed in a simple white dress that reached down to her knees while her hair was, as usual, free from any bind. Both of her slightly pale hands were now on her chest, her head looking downward at the floor while her eyes closed tightly. She seemed to be mumbling something, and he caught wind of it. "This isn't real... This isn't real..." The dream itself only had those two characters in it, the whole background was white, as white as it could get. 'He' sighed, running a hand through his silver hair. "... Hanashi-", she cut him off.

"You are -not- real! This is just a dre-No, a nightmare! She screamed, her eyes now looking at him, while he frowned a bit. "This -can't- be real... You've been gone for so long... It just can't!" She hugged herself, tears falling down her cheeks and sobs coming out of her mouth. 'He' didn't seem to say anything, except just stares at her.

"... Hanashi..." he paused, thinking of exactly what words to say, but found none. "Take care", was all he said, appearing in front of her vulnerable form and kissed her forehead, making Hanashi's eyes widened a bit, tears falling more on her cheeks, and when she looked up to try and say something, he had vanished. Something she didn't want to happen. Not again.


Hanashi's eyes opened widely and she got up quickly, her heart beating out of her chest very quickly while she had this terrified look on her face. It was around 4 in the morning, or was it 3? Bah, like it mattered to her. Her hands were gripping hard on the sheets, her face seemed a bit sweaty, as she thought her hand went over to her cheek and felt the quite cold beads of sweat running down her cheek, neck, etc. '... It was all a dream, huh?' Her eyes went towards the window, the moon was still noticeable, making her sigh. How could she be having a night of him? Or was it a dream? It seemed like a nightmare to her. 'Oh well, can't sleep now after having that. Let's see..' She brushed the few tears that were on her face, since it seems she was also crying while she was dreaming.

She got out of bed, wearing only a white tank top and short pants. Her hair slightly messy as she let out a yawn and walked over to the other room where her son layed sleeping peacefully. Lucky, lucky boy. She wondered what dreams he could be having.. And then a small smile crept up her face as she closed the door softly, making sure Cieli didn't wake up this early. Another yawn came out of her lips as she headed off to bathe, seeing as she didn't feel the need to sleep(and have another dream/nightmare like that..) now.

After taking a long, hot bath, Hanashi looked at the clock in her bedroom. She woke up around 3 to 4-ish so it was around 5:30, plenty of time to eat, wake her son up, make him go bathe, and him eat as well. After getting dressed, Hanashi headed towards the kitchen, thinking about what to make for herself and her son when he would wake up. What to make though? She tapped her chin in thought. What could she make that it would be quick to eat? Well, for her anyway, since she found out she was gonna be a sensei. Oh the damn joy.....

Let's see, one was named Aimi Kei. Seems like a cute girl to have as your student, and doesn't seem that she would cause trouble. But best to keep an eye on her in case she does, ne? Next, was Gogyou Hito. The young man seemed a bit... eh, reminded her of someone. She also hope he didn't cause trouble. And lastly, Shikyo Nibui... .... ... Another one? Was the only thought going through her mind as she made noodles. 'He's still a Gennin, meaning he still has a lot to learn.. Oh goodie. Where the heck's father when you need him?' She thought as she sat down on the table, waiting for the noodles to be ready. 'The other two seem.... manageable. But, can't judge a book by it's cover.'

Getting up, Hanashi got her noodles and placed them on the table, then turning back towards her son's room and getting him up. Hanashi opened the door, only to be welcomed by turquoise/green hair. "Oof!" Said the young boy, stumbling a bit before straightening himself up. His green eyes looked up and blinked. "Good morning, mother..." he said, letting out a yawn and then rubbed his eyes. She smiled, placing a hand on his hair, ruffling it slightly. "Morning, Cieli. You hungry? I was just making food for myself and since now you're up I guess I'll go make you some food, too?" He nodded, her mother's hand taken off his head as she turned around and walked back into the kitchen, with Cieli not far behind.

As they both reached the room, Hanashi walked over the table, picked up the noodles, which were now not that hot and began eating them as she searched for what she could make for her son. "Ano... mother?" Her son said, blinking as he saw his mother turn around with noodles in her mouth before slurping them up. "Yes?" She asked, setting down the noodles near and looked at her son. "Cereal would be fine, mother", and to think, he's 6 years old. She picked him up and set him down on the chair while she turned around, ate more of the noodles and opened one of the drawers up to get out... Coco puffs. Huh, when did she buy this..... Oh well, didn't matter much.

She also got out a bowl and poured the chocolate cereal in it, then closed the box of cereal, placed it on the counter and walked over to the table and gave Cieli his cereal then back to the fridge to get some milk for him, she poured the milk into the cereal, the color of the milk turned a bit dark, since the chocolate and milk were mixing together, in a way. Hanashi also got him a spoon and then turned back into eating her noodles...

"Mother?" Asked the young Shikyo as he ate his cereal calmly, unlike his mother, who ate sometimes quite fast for her own good. "Hmm, yeah?" Hanashi placed the now empty bowl in the sink and crossed her arms, looking at her son. He seemed to hesitate, but shook his head. "Nothing mother." Now, she raised an eyebrow on this. But, decided to not bother, her eyes followed the clock and saw it was 7:30, she would meet her team around 10 or so. "Well, I gotta go. Cieli, go to the Academy, allright?" A groan of protest left the young Shikyo but he nodded. Hanashi kissed his son's cheek and in a flash, she was out of the house, an afterimage behind and in seconds it dispersed.

After arriving in the training grounds, Hanashi leaned her back against the tree that she oh so stopped in front of. It was now 8:00 and she decided to plan something up, what to do to these kids... Ahh, well. She'll plan something once they've shown themselves.
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Yoshiko Tomoko

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Age : 31
Location : in your closet .. wearing your underwear on my head

PostSubject: Re: It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:08 pm

Today was a big day for Aimi! Today was finally the day when she would be a part of a team! Be able to work with people, to do some good. To be able to train under someone that was strong and wise. Never before had she felt as stressed and yet blissful towards anything. I wonder how they are.... I hope they will like me. This was what was going through her mind as she had literally tumbled out of the bed and quickly put on her clothes, her black corset with the decorative sleeves, the black shorts along with the flower decorated belt, her glove and then finally her boots. As she sprinted out of her room and into the kitchen, she cast a morning greeting towards her parents before turning to her breakfast that consisted of some cereal which had barely reached the bowl before she had started eating it. It wasn't until she was half way done, when she noticed her parents stare at her before asking sweetly if she didn't want any milk with that? "oh...uhm...ehehe I don't have time!" Their energy filled daughter sprang up from her seat and was off towards the front door in a matter of seconds. Leaving her slightly worried parents behind, both shaking their heads and wondering what on earth they should do with her.

"Good morning!" Her cheerful voice that was as always filled with kindness filled the air this morning, making everyone turn around as she shouted out to them. People couldn't help but smile and reply with the same words while shaking their heads slightly, wondering if she would ever make it as a ninja. The rain made the air feel even more fresh, everything was perfect. Aimi loved getting up early. You had the whole day ahead of you, and one never knew if something amazing would happen! Stopping in front of the small pet shop, she hesitated just slightly and glanced at a nearby clock. It was 7:30 so she still had plenty of time. I'll just take a peek..

"Good morning Ai-chan!" The store-clerk greeted her with his deep voice from behind the store where he was fixing up an old bird cage as he had heard the bell of the store door ring. "Good morning Jin!" The middle aged man hadn't even had to look up to know who had come into the shop at this time, as Aimi was there every day whenever she could. She loved helping out, and especially when it involved the animals. Like most of the other villagers, he thought that the role of a ninja would be too harsh for her but he didn't say anything. Jin was a tall and muscular man that few took for a pet store owner. He had dark brown hair, and a big brown beard to go with. His eyes were of a piercing blue color, and it often made people feel very uncomfortable when he glared at them with his wise eyes. Aimi had of course as soon as she met him supported his idea of opening a pet store, and the big man considered her as his own daughter.

"I'm meeting my team today!" Her dark brown eyes sparkled with joy as she gently picked up a black kitten from one of the baskets and started scratching it behind it's ears until a loud purring was heard. "Ooooh that's great. Do you know who your sensei will be?" "Hmmm nooo.. there didn't say anything about that." She paused the scratching and tilted her head to the side while pondering yet again how her sensei would be. Jin paused his work and stretched his work-tired body while looking at the petite girl that was now dancing slowly around the store's floor with the kitten still in her embrace. One could hardly think she would have to become one of those ninjas that killed people. Thinking to himself, he really hoped she'd get a sensei that would understand her gentle nature and wouldn't break her.

After putting the kitten down, very slowly as she so wanted a kitten of her own.. along with a puppy.. and a parrot.. and a hamster.. and well all of the animals, then Aimi danced around while humming a soft tune as she helped prepare the store to be opened. As the clock struck 8:30, she let out a small very girlish squeal and clapped her hands together. "This was my cue! I gotta go now! Wish me luuuck!" With a wave and a generous smile, she was out of the store. According to her information they weren't supposed to meet up until around 10, but she just couldn't wait that long! She'd at least prefer to wait at the meeting spot. Her long braid bounced against her back as she ran as fast as her long legs carried her, swiftly jumping over puddles here and there.

Upon arriving on the training spot, her breathing a little faster than usually.. probably both because or her excitement and her sprinting, Aimi spotted a woman that was seemingly waiting while leaning against a tree. It was now 9 o'clock, and Aimi was very sure that this must be her sensei. With slow and a little hesitant steps she approached the woman. She looked very beautiful, with long raven black hair that reached down to her waist. Aimi couldn't really make out her eyes yet, but what she saw of her face made her wish she'd also be this pretty when she got a little older. Her sensei looked to be not much more than 20 years old, and was wearing what seemed to be the standard shinobi outfit.

Now stopping a few feet away from the woman, Aimi parted her lips and felt a small blush color her cheeks as she was sure she'd have to start breathing in a paperbag soon. This was all so exciting for her, and a dream come true to have someone to mentor her in her struggle to become a better shinobi. Straightening her stance, gathering up her height of 162 cm which wasn't perhaps that tall, she tried to look a little bit more serious that usually. "G-good morning. Might you be my sensei? My name is Aimi Kei." Her soft and gentle voice didn't shake, making Aimi very proud of herself, as she looked shyly straight into the face of the woman. She hid her hands behind her back, linking her fingers together, while waiting for an answer.

To be frank, she looked like a small and cute puppet at this moment. A puppy that had been waiting for an owner for what it seemed like a lifetime for it, and now finally had that owner standing in front of it.
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PostSubject: Re: It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !   Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:09 pm

The morning sun creeper into the window casting it's light over the mounds of clothes littering the floor. In a chaotic companionship with clothes, numerous piles of trash covered what was left of the floor of the one room apartment. Somewhere in the confusion, the aggravating sound of an alarm clock could be heard, the annoying buzz of the alarm filling the room.




A loud 'garugh' came not from the bed but a pile of clothes beside beside the bed, just under the alarm clock and a hand flew up and slapped the alarm clock causing it to fly off the stand and onto the floor a few feet away. The pile of clothes suddenly rose from the ground with another groan and the release of a large cloud of dust. “Why does morning have to be so fucking early?” the young Shikyo ground in obvious discontent. He stifled a yawn as he looked at his now upside down alarm clock, titling his head at a very odd and uncomfortable angle he was able to deduce that it was just after 7:45 in the morning after several moments of examination.

Nibui paused for a moment, knowing he was forgetting something and he tried to spark his brain into remembering so he stood there for what was probably another five minutes waiting for his brain to start. This was precisely why Nibui hated mornings so. In no meaning of the phrase was he a 'Morning Person' he didnt sleep until the early hours of the morning and he was forced to awake shortly afterward and his brain suffered greatly until he could get it 'up and running'. Without any noticeable warning his memory jumped into gear and he remembered what he had forgotten.

"Oh SHIT!" he exclaimed as he bounded towards the door pulling on a T-Shirt and grabbing a jacket and his pouch of ninja tools before flying out the door, skipping 2 steps out at a time he practically jumped down the steps and ran outdoors headed towards the training ground.

After his trip across the village, Nibui relaxed in the shadow cast by the early morning sun against the wall surrounding the training ground, he let out a yawn he looked around for any others who look like Genin when his ears picked up someone else speaking and he looked around to see a young girl speaking to a woman standing under a tree, "G-good morning. Might you be my sensei? My name is Aimi Kei." He let out a quiet groan in complaint as he walked over towards them.

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Kaji Kanto


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PostSubject: Re: It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !   Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:12 pm

Slurp, Slurp, Slurp Went the sound of the woman as she kissed along the young mans neck as he did the same. The slurping sound continued for a few moments but soon it came to the point that suddenly the young man opened his mouth to reveal a pair of fangs that were sharp as razor blades. Instantly this young man bite down into the woman's neck the fangs sliding inwards through the muscle in her neck piercing the artery that was full of the woman's nectar that this young man craved. As his fang pierced the sweet smell of the blood arose from the bite marks as blood began spilling out pouring into the boys mouth as his tongue scraped across the neck pulling more and more of the goo into his mouth shoving it down his throat faster and faster as his eyes started to glaze over.

His black eyes began to glaze over with a deep red as he entered a trance that slowly made his hands sharpen and become claw-like. He was losing his internal battle to his bloodlust as his hands scraped across this woman's back tearing at skin leaving more and more indents as blood started to pour from the woman's back as she screamed as her own trance-like state was ending. She slowly realized what this kid was as her entire back was now raw and the kid was ripping through muscle tissue and artery. The woman finally went limp after her blood created a puddle in the ground. The child let go of the woman's body as he fell to his knee's lapping at the blood on the ground his entire body covered in this woman's bodily fluids. He continued to lap at the woman's blood letting out a soft pant and moan as he felt it sliding down his throat. However instantly his head rose and his ears provoked upwards. It was soft sound, very soft and as it came to his ears it provoked him further as it was slowing down. Beat, beat beat, beat, beat beat went the sound of the woman's heart as her breathe came shallower with each second passing.

The kid in his berserker rage and bloodlust was not truly conscious as he raged yelled screamed and roared around as the noise came to his hypersensitive ears. He approached the woman's limp body as he let his claws rip across he clothes that were still there his hands tearing through the fabric faster and faster as he was getting frantic looking for this sound. He ripped through the fabric of her jeans revealing the bare skin underneath. The skin was a pasty white and her genitals soaked and saturated as her own underwear was stuck to them. The child however didn't care as he tore through the woman's skin peeling it off as blood spilled out his tongue hanging out from his mouth however not partaking in the feast that he was creating as that obsessive beating grew faster in his ears and he soon start stabbing downwards ripping and tearing through the flesh franticly searching for the sounds origins. As he ripped down through the chest pulling the ribs out and shattering them his hand fell across something that was beating and as he pulled at it the thing squirmed and ripped through the muscle with his claws wrapping around the beating piece of meat as the artery tore and the muscle ripped. The organ of all love and life that this woman had been plagued by for this child was being ripped out. As the heart was ripped the woman's entire body spazmed and shook with intensity. Her mouth gurgled and blood spilled from it and then suddenly she fell silent and unmoving not even her lungs filled with air. The last thing to happen was a odd smell as the bowels and intestines of the woman were purged and the natural occurrence of a bowel movement took place.

As the child held the woman's heart his breathing became slower from its breakneck pant as his eyes started to lose there graze his tongue however still hanging out. The child then realized what he was holding and as he looked down at the woman's body below him ravaged with flesh gone in masses revealing muscle that had claw marks slashed through them and blood still in a pool covering his hands and body His mind raced and the first thing that happened was he fell to the side his face landing in the blood as he started puking out his breakfast this morning in a greenish brown fluid that poured from his mouth. He shivered coughed and wheezed as he continued to puke. As he ended he slowly sat up his hand clenched around the woman's heart. As he tried to let go of the heart his hand wouldn't and the next thing he knows is that his hand was brought to his face as he bite down into the heart tears flowing from his eyes as he couldn't stop biting through each part of the heart. He ate franticly as he continued to cry tears falling over the dried blood on his face. The tears washing away the blood under his tear ducts. As he swallowed the last bits of the heart he continued to cry however he had to leave. As he placed his hand on the wall he slowly lifted himself but fell directly onto his shoulder as his legs were weak. He panted as he limped slowly forward trying to get away. However as he reached the end of the alleyway he pushed himself onto his legs and fell outward towards the rain and open streets. As his body hit the rain the water turned red as it cleaned his clothes and the water fell at his feet and as he walked a trail of red followed him.

As cloudy kept walking a quote fell into his head. 'When one walks a path of blood the trail will not leave there feet and hands no matter how much they purge.' Cloudy screamed into the rain but it was covered up by a crack of thunder. As he walked through the village his mind wandered back to his childhood. The same scene that had unfolded just a few moments ago replayed over and over this time every victim cloudy had done appeared in his mind. However one thought ran through his mind as he remember something a child had said when he saw the woman's corpse. 'Why mommy? Why? This child's voice ran through his head and it kept striking and it irritated him as he clenched his hand. ”Yes mommy, why? Why did you abandon me? Why must I be cursed why must I be the one to die and eat like I have?” Cloudy's eyes continued to water however the rain kept him clean as his eyes and body were soaked.

Soon cloudy arrived in the destination he subconsciously wanted as he entered into the forested area where his new team had gathered for the day. He stood proudly but kept his distance from them since two of them were women he didn't want a repeat of what had happened. However soon they would sense it the pheromone attraction that was strictly chemical but would cause a fair physical reaction in anyone as there entire body would become fully pleasured just by the smell of cloudy.
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PostSubject: Re: It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !   Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:41 pm

Locked because Hanashi wanted it locked.
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PostSubject: Re: It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !   

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It's time to stir things up! Team 2 !
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