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 London Bridges Falling Down! [Closed Atm]

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PostSubject: London Bridges Falling Down! [Closed Atm]   Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:26 pm

The ominous fog covered the land of fire like a blanket as it's citizens continued to carry out their daily lives beneath it. Today the sun did not shine, its rays hidden behind the cloudy veil, but this did not stop people from carrying out their lives. For the most part, everyone appeared as though they were a bit sad. An effect of a darkened sky probably. One of these people being a little genin. Nasamea's amber hues watched the citizens as they passed. She sat high up on the edge of a roof, her legs brought into her chest with her arms wrapped around them. Her expression was a bit lacking, her eyes devoid of much emotion. Before long she let out a sigh as she dropped her head to her knees. Her forehead rested on them while her ominous purple hair fell to the side of her face, guarding her eyes and blocking her gaze from her surroundings.

Although she may have seemed helpless at this moment she still had acute hearing to back her up and the survival instincts of an animal. Or in her case, a beast. What was getting her so down in the dumbs? Well, some parts of the overall picture was her secret and she wasn't fully willing to tell. In a way she was mixed. Part of her was angry, others sad, but overall she felt stuck. She wished to act without the ability to do so. She was growing jealous of other teams and people amongst other emotions.

Bringing her arms in more and shoving her forehead into he knees she trembled. A deep monstrous growl abnormal for such a small human to do emitted from her gut before suddenly her hands released her knees and pushed her forward against the cool ground. Her body went forward and when her feet were beneath her she pushed forward, propelling herself to the next building across from her. She landed on a lower roof before she leaped to the ground below. Her usual glare returned to her face as she gazed around at all the people. Flaring her nostrils a bit she turned and began to walk down the street. Her eyes flowed from one human to the next, her nostrils grasping the different scents as she did. She was hunting but instead of searching for a meal she was actually trying to find a genin to fight. She wished to fight someone to see where she stood compared to the rest of the genin in this village. She needed to be one of the strongest next to Shihouin. The way things were looking, if she did not get stronger she would fall behind and be left in the darkness. Since she practically lacked a team to stand with her, teach her, and train with; she figured that she would just have to walk this path alone. Shihouin taught her some valuable fighting tips but he was busy with his own team. She didn't want him feeling as though he HAD to spend his free time on her anyway. He was busy after all and needed his rest.

Continuing her stride and glare she searched right and left, growing more irritated within while she did. She wanted an active team damnit. She wanted to be taught. She wanted to learn! Why were the other genin getting help and not her? Was it because of what she was? As she grew more upset she felt the beast within her begin to gnash it's teeth and fight it's way to the surface. She felt uncontrolled and once again, vulnerable. As she prepared to make a dash for it or break down in the middle of the street, a tiny butterfly suddenly flew right into her face. As the tiny helpless blue insect latched onto her face she drew her hand up and swatted it away. However what was once beautiful became a nuisance as it tried to latch again. Nasamea did not let this happen though and to get it out of her face she instinctively swiped at it. Little did she knew her nails had actually began to shift into her monster form as she did. Thus, when she swiped, her nails literally sliced the bug right in half.

She forced her nails to shift back to that of a human's before anyone would notice while her eyes watched the butterflies luminescent blue wings float towards the ground. It's body hit the ground as she stared at it, a bit sad for what she did. The thing seemed so vulnerable and unlike her, it couldn't protect itself. It was sort of what would happen to her to though if she didn't grow stronger. As someone in a building nearby stared at her in confusion her eyes met the stranger's before she snorted in semi false anger. Taking a step forward she stepped on the once beautiful creature before she kept walking. She hated it when people stared. Although she did feel guilty for stepping on the butterfly, let alone kill it.

She felt soft...
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London Bridges Falling Down! [Closed Atm]
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