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 Training to become a King.....

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PostSubject: Training to become a King.....   Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:33 am

Akito‘s eyes, well even though his right eye was covered by the brilliant white eye patch (that he always seemed to wear even when sleeping), snapped open at the sound of silence. It was unusually quiet. Maybe that was due to the fact that the sun hadn't even risen yet but nevertheless there should be at least the odd train....now and then. hmm.....I should keep an eye out for trouble. Agito should probably see this, he thought as with the index finger on his right hand he slid the eye patch across his face until it sat comfortably on top of his nose.

Akito called out to his 'brother' in his timid and slightly feminine voice whilst donning a slightly worried expression. "Agito-sama, Did you notice that the station's really quiet today?", his expression changed dramatically and he seemed to carry himself differently. He truly became a different person in a matter of split seconds; if that. "Fuck. What do you take me for?!!! Of course I noticed. Just carry on and I'll keep an eye open. FUCK SAKE, I have to do fucking everything around here!" and with that, Agito aggressively slid the eye patch back over their right eye so he could become recessive and allow Akito to take over. He moved the eye patch over at such a speed in that brief, fluid movement that it briefly burnt the surface of the skin on his nose. "Ouch. I'm sorry Agito-sama. I'll see us to our destination then please take over if I'm struggling with training...." . Agito's hate was overwhelming; Akito had clearly caught him in one of his bad moods. You could almost hear him rattling the bars of his cage, screaming words full of hate BUT Akito swore that he wouldn't let that get him down so he decided to carry on with things....

Akito took his time as he applied his headphones, they were large in general size, chunky in appearance similarly to a DJs and stayed on while riding at a fast speed but Akito always chooses to take them off in order to 'improve his concentration', even Agito didn't ride with them on. He'd take them off when he meant business. The significance of the headphones was pretty high to Akito as they were a gift from his neighbour who noticed that they displayed a liking to music. For Akito though they allowed him to distance himself from the world while he rode, well actually he rather enjoyed distancing himself from this cruel world as often as possible due to all the painful memories of his childhood and the harsh realities of life as a shinobi within Kumogakure.

As he travelled down the lightly coloured tiled path with the headphones on his head and his hand on his mp3 (which was stored secure in a side pocket on his right hand side of his hoodie) he quickly changed the track, to ‘The Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin’, with both of his hands he pulled up his dark green hood so that it fully covered his head. The frog-like eyes of the design ruined his 'badboy' image but displayed his level of maturity and it made him happy so that was all he was bothered about. He would dress for himself, not for anyone else.

He applied pressure on his ATs and the wheel screeched and scratched the floor for traction as he bolted forward at a greater speed than before. Due to the fact that he had grown so accustomed to travelling via ATs he hadn't even noticed that he was travelling down the 'side walk' towards the exit of the village at a steady speed, well he had noticed that he was travelling obviously but he was completely oblivious to the fact that he was riding instead of walking at a fast pace.

The insanely brightly coloured tiled surfaces shot by as he sped through the station. The usual gentle whirling sound of motor was inaudible. The change in pressure on the wheels and as a result the motor, the ATs roared to life causing its battle-cry to echo throughout the area. It even seemed to cancel out the sound of the electricity 'buzzing' through power lines on the nearby train track. Akito figured that it was a good job that the place seemed devoid of all life. He reappeared and disappeared. Trapped in an endless of light and darkness. Seemingly. Due to the gaps in between each panel of light, Akito actually did slip in out of darkness only appearing for brief seconds before slipping back into it's grasp. If it weren't for the light sources and the tell tale racket of the ATs, Akito would in fact be pretty stealthy -well at the moment at least...

It seemed to be getting brighter as Akito was reaching the 'end of tunnel'. He shot out. Over the edge of the station, Jumping just in time to make it over the gate and land with a light thud on the dirt path that lead to a treacherous rocky path. This path ran along and down the side of the mountain range. That however wasn't really important, it was the path that he had taken many years before when travelling to Kumogakure from Kirigakure but he had no interest in it. He was only going to momentarily use the path to reach a little valley-like place that he heard from around the village that it was an ideal place to train.
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Training to become a King.....
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