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 Renjiro Kyoya - Kumo Jounin

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Renjiro Kyoya


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PostSubject: Renjiro Kyoya - Kumo Jounin   Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:17 pm

Name: Renjiro Kyoya
Nickname/Alias: Renji, Ren or Vongola Cloud Guardian

Age: 27
Age Appearance:21


Renjiro has medium length black hair which is usually spiked up or just left in a lazy messed up, just out of bed look. He stands 6'0" tall and weighs 12 Stone/76.20 Kg/168 Lb. This height and weight difference means that he is well defined but quite skinny, however this means that his entire body has almost no body fat in it apart from a few essential stores of it around his organs.

Renjiro typically wears a long sleeved shirt with a blazer over the top of it (both with the collar sticking upwards) with his Kumo headband around his right forearm, just below his armband which has the word 'Discipline' on it. He has that on there to constantly remind himself of the fact that he must keep himself in control at all times for the good of the people around him. A trademark part of Renjiros appearance is his Tonfas as that is his main weapon and is always on his person. Finally his secondary identifier is his little bird, ReBird, which follows him around constantly or is in the nearby facinity.

Gender: Male

Rank: Jounin
Ninja Rank: S

Village: Kumogakure
Birthplace: Kumogakure
Previous Village:N/A



Renjiro being of a high and type of person even as a little child has led to him having very few 'friends' and a lack of respect for other authorities other than his own. He usually has his subordinates around him or doing his work for him but Renjiro shows them no respect or doesn't care for their well being. His fighting intuition is that beyond his rank and is almost never rivalled in fights of equal rank. In addition to this, his personality and hatred of crowded people bring on a strong will to 'Bite you to death' (which is one of his catch-phrases) which means he will kill the person because of their actions against the village and/or Renjiros own honour. Be careful, attack Kumogakure and you will feel the full force of Renjiros Cloud dying will flames (explained in special characteristics and weapons).

Goals: To defend the Vongola 11th Boss

Canon Personality: N/A



Renjiros mother and father were happily married and had enough financial standing to have a child. Both his parents were from small clans with no special abilities. Regardless of this the pair decided they had reached a point in their lives that they should have a child and Renjiros mother fell pregnant. Seven months passed and all was going to plan when Renjiros father fell ill after an A ranked mission. The mission was a success however his opponent had been a similar to an aburame but slightly different. The difference being instead of using all insects and bug this user used mosquitoes.

Renjiro fathers fever got worse and worse and there was nothing the Kumo medics could do without a direct antidote or a living specimen of the mosquito, neither was found. This meant Renjiros father died 2 months 22 days before Renjiro was born and now without a father.


The event of his father’s death meant his mother was a single parent and was left to bring Renjiro up alone. This wasn't a problem as of yet, but this would prove problematic for Renjiro in later life. This would become problematic because his father held the knowledge of being and becoming a man that should have been passed down from father to son. This left Renjiro with a vital void of knowledge which he would have to make up in his later years.

During his childhood nothing really happened, he was loved by his mother and Renjiro returned that love with being a good child and loving her with all his heart. However he still felt slightly empty without a father figure there to guide him in the ways of becoming a man.


Renjiro had turned 11 and was admitted into the Kumo ninja academy. He had passed the entry exams and done so within the top 25% of the entrants, which pleased his mother. However upon entering the academy it was obvious that everyone knew who his parents was when his name was called and the isolation started. His father was well known but he wasn’t loved nor accepted by most of the ninja families because of the way he died. The children of the village didn't want to be seen familiarising himself with the likes of Renjiro, however Renjiro knew it wasn’t their fault but it was because of their parents predeceases.

Renjiro spent most of his time self-learning about the academy jutsus and other clans’ special jutsus from books in his father’s old library. Renjiro could escape from the real world and read as much as he liked when he was in the library but the main reason he was in there was to feel as if he was close to his father.

A few months had passed and he can complete all of the essential jutsus of the academy with precise and accurate control. However what he never showed anyone was his secret learning of chakra control that couldn't be learnt by any normal academy student. All of his training made Renjiro happy and made him feel closer to his father than ever before.


Renjiro graduated the academy at age 12 therefore still being the youngest of the Genin teams. He was placed in team 8 with an Uchiha and a Nara with a Jounin teacher called Konto (last name is unknown to Renjiro even though he had the power to control Mokuton). Konto was a kind and peaceful man, aged about 28/29 years old, been in the wars a lot; scars and cuts all on his body. Team 8’s first meeting didn’t go as Konto wanted. Renjiro was rather isolated from the team and all about how he was superior to the other Genins in his team (in ability he was but bragging about it and belittling people didn’t do Renjiro any favours). During the next three days Renjiro and the rest of team 8 did some team building exercises, which worked a lot for Renjiro as he hadn’t really socialised or been part of a team. Two weeks passed and Konto had put team 8 through its passes to make an analysis of all our weaknesses, strengths and abilities. Renjiro strength within the team was his chakra control even though it was little it was still extremely helpful his weakness was his inability to process huge amounts of data in a short amount of time. Having a Nara on his team filled that weakness, as he was rather quick thinker. Team 8 had seven C ranked missions during their time as Genins and one B ranked. Renjiro entered the chuunin exam with his team they all passed the written exam and made it to the second part of the exam. Renjiro himself made it all the way to the semi-finals but lost out to a sound ninja who was 16 and was incredibly skilled in the ways of using sound jutsus. Renjiro and the rest of team 8 was awarded chuunin status as they all demonstrated that they had the skill, knowledge and responsibility to have the rank of chuunin.

Vongola Cloud Guardianship/Chuunin

Renjiro’s first week at the age of 13 as a chuunin was rather cool and relaxed and people started to like him, as he was less arrogant and more likeable. He hadn't made many new friends within the village and knew almost all the stall holders in the market part of the village as he always took Saturdays off if he didn’t have a mission to help the old stall holders with their creates of stuff as he found it very rewarding and helped him integrate with the community. Renjiro mixed up on missions with multiple different Chuunins and a couple of Jounins in a range of missions from messages to recovery missions. Renjiro loved being a Chuunin as it meant he had enough responsibility for him to take a firm role within Kumo but not too much that he could have some free time and not have to be on constant guard. Three years passed and Renjiro was finally ready to take the next step up from chuunin to Jounin after learning many jutsus and many missions but only one thing stood in his way, his old sensei. Konto was always keeping an eye out for all his former students but kept a special eye out for Renjiro as they had a strong bond with each other as they can become like cousins during these few years. Konto wanted to test Renjiro to see if he had what it took to be a Jounin and they had a high-level spar lasting many hours. They both used many different combos of jutsus and attacks. The fight ended with a final clash of two jutsus – Konto’s Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall and Renjiros Fire Release: Great Fireball jutsu. They were both nearly out of chakra when they both collided they both hit each other and created a huge explosion sending us both flying backwards. Renjiro got up to find Konto getting up slower than usual. He had 2 new cuts on his left cheek where the explosion had pushed his face against the floor. He then congratulated me and gave me his permission to go for the Jounin exams. I would have done it without his permission but having it made it me proud and even more psyched up for the exam. The exam lasted 6 days with Chuunins from all over the Shinobi world coming for a chance for a spot of Jounin. Renjiro was the only one from his old Genin team there but he was ok with that because Konto was in the crowds and as were his friend and old teammates. Renjiro was eager to go as he had rested 10 days before the exam, which meant he had all his chakra back and all his health to the maximum it could. His fight was huge and he never held back at any point in the fight. His tactics then was temporarily paralysed and then the fight is over. Renjiro made it past 24 people to get to the finals where he fought an extremely hard opponent; they both had to use Taijutsu really as they were both almost drained of all chakra but just enough to stay conscious. In the end it was who was going to give up first and it was Renjiro. Renjiro and his opponent was matching themselves blow for blow and Renjiro didn’t see the point in fighting as all that would happen was he would end up in hospital for weeks and weeks whatever the outcome so he forfeited. 3 days passed as it took that long for the Kages and officials to decide on an outcome and to make the decision of who will become Jounins and didn’t. Renjiro came into the category of did pass but his opponent didn’t even though he was the ultimate champion. The reason for this was that he didn’t have the experience to know when to give up. He would just keep going until he won or was unable to continue (very un-Jounin like).

When Renjiro had healed up he was greeted by a young male, which looked about 32 years old. He announced himself as the Vongola Cloud Guardian Hibari and therefore instantly rushed in at Renjiro attacking with great speed and strength. Renjiro was defending and offending at what looked like the same time. The old man Hibari was still doing well against the young and athletic Renjiro. When the fight ended with a draw Hibari looked at Renjiro and announced him as the next Cloud Guardian.


A few days after his announcement of becoming a Jounin Hibari returned to Renjiros home and handed over three rings and a small special Vongola box. He then handed over twenty large 1k pages books which contained all of Hibaris' experiences, training regimes he used to master his Vongola box and the use of the Dying Will Flames.

Renjiro’s Jounin life didn’t go off to a great start, his second week as Jounin he was given an A ranked mission with 5 other Jounins working with him. He was thrown into the deep end big time. He formulated his plan and issued his suggestions, as he thought they should be completed. The mission was basically to infiltrate a known Akatsuki base and report back without engaging anyone. As they approached the lair they came across in invisible barrier. This lead to Renjiro using his Water clones to search and find a way to break this barrier. He found 12 points of contact to the ground via pieces of paper with writing on them. He therefore instructed his team to make shadow clones with the least amount of chakra in them as this could be a clone barrier which meant that when the pieces of paper was removed they would create perfect elemental clones of the person that removed them. Sadly to say this was the same but more advance version of the barrier technique seen in the anime. All 12 tags were removed at the same time and clones appeared out the element closest to the ninja that removed it. Thankfully due to Renjiro insight they copied the clones that were at bare minimum so they wasn’t that strong as that the real Jounin could come in and replace their clone and fight the barrier clones and win easily. All the fights went on for about 30 minutes things wasn’t going to plan. Even though the barrier clones was much weaker they still never wore out and never needed to take a break. Finally 1 by one the real Jounins win taking down the clones eventually. When that was done they all regrouped at the entrance of the cave. Two guards were running towards them as the regrouped. They had made too much noise fighting the barrier clone. Renjiro and the others used what chakra they had left to kill the guards and run back to Kumo with the bodies on their back. They reported back to the Hokage about the situation and she was furious that they actually engaged in combat but understood that they had no choice. Time flew by from that day doing usual missions like escorting rich people etc and continuing denying requests for him to teach by making incredible tests for his Genin teams that could never be passed even chuunin would find it hard.

During all this time he had been training in Vongola history, chakra enhancements using his ring items which produced the dying will flames.
RP Sample
It was a typical Kirigakure day; rain, cold and a slight fog around the village. Renjiro was perched above an old abandoned house in the damaged part of Kirigakure which still to this day been restored from the great Bijuu attack. The previous evening Renjiro had made sure to send scrolls to all the households that contained Kirigakure genin in them and informed them of this meeting. The scroll had basic information on it with Renjiros own personal signature and his own Senju seal on the join of the closed scroll to make sure its authenticity was 100% verifiable.

With the chuunin exams looming, Renjiro believed it was time to get some serious training and socialising done so that when the time for the unique Kirigakure chuunin exams take place our lives would have some meaning even if the majority of the genin lost their lives.

Renjiro was kneeling at the top of the building looking at the other buildings whilst his medium length brown hair was soaking wet and stuck to his face because of the rain. After a few hours of waiting a male arrived and Renjiro saw the male approach from some distance away. His distance and height allowed his to see far and wide, thus allowing him to track the male up until he decided to perch a few feet away. Renjiro didn't respond as his patience had been pushed below his limits due to the fact that he had been there for 4 hours since he sent the scrolls out.

His observations of the male was that his eyes was totally grey and it made him first think of the Hyuuga clan for an instant before noticing that the males eyes was grey and not pure white. The males hair was black and of a medium length and was holding an umbrella, but despite this the males expressions was hidden and stern.

Renjiros response to the males’ arrival was to keep his appearance and anger at bay. His only and single response was to gesture him to come to closer to him and say "Well ... Nanaya Asagami ... come closer we genin have things to discuss". Renjiro was expecting the apprehension shown towards him by the male however his patience wasn’t for pushing. A few moments after the male walked over to him Renjiro noticed the change in the boys’ eyes; at this Renjiros eyebrows raised up and he had an instant flash back of him reading the ninja reports of all of the Genins in the village. When the male finally got close he noticed the personality change when the boy said “ So are you Renjiro Senju? Nice to meet you…”.

Renjiro knew this was out of character from the first time the male arrived but also knew that was a trait of this boy’s clan. With that he replied with a stern face "Yes i am, however i suggest your changing of personality was a bad idea. We are in Kirigakure and it’s a dog eat dog world. Never forget that and remember that the people on your team will leave you for dead if you fall behind. I've called everyone here for one reason only and that is to gather information before the deadly Kirigakure chuunin exam".

He turned and just saw the other male turn up and speaks to him. Renjiro stared straight into his eyes and said "Sho Meikiri i assume. The '411' is i want to gather information on you all before we get to the time of the chuunin exam. No more no less this was purely an information gathering task. There’s only so much you can read on a piece of parchment scroll. I hope you didn't tear up the scroll i gave you, the gold tint on the paper is worth a fair amount"

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Weaponry ("Kenjutsu")
Recessive: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Wind
Recessive: Lightning

Special Characteristics

Renjiro has a few special characteristics and they are: -

Being of the self-conscious type Renjiro has homed himself to read people’s movements and body language to such an extent that he can see and sense slight muscle reflexes in the people giving Renjiro a 3 second reaction advantage over any other person that doesn't have this skill.

Having perfected his weaponry skills to only a couple of personal weapons his use of these weapons are beyond excellent. This means each of his weapons are more deadly than their rank stays, meaning that if the item if a C rank weapon Renjiros use of that weapon makes it a B ranked weapon due to his precise movements and sleight of hand strikes.

Strength: Character's with this trait are stronger then your average ninja, due to intense training. [Requires Taijutsu or Kenjutsu]

Speedster: Due to physical training, character's with this trait are much faster than the average ninja. [Requires Taijutsu or Kenjutsu]

Cloud Dying Will Flames
Due to Renjiro being part of the Vongola family he inherited the Cloud Guardians Vongola ring and then was trained to use it by using Dying Will Flames. A Dying Will Flame is a variable thing and is dependent on how much chakra you put into your ring but it will grant you great power regardless of your chakra output.

Vigorous: Character's with this trait are in excellent physical shape. They are generally slightly stronger, heal faster and are rarely ill.

The character is equally adept at using either hand. Although ambidexterity is rare at birth, it can be learned. Most duellists spend their whole lives refining this talent.

Light Sleeper
The character is very light sleeper. Any noise at all will instantly awaken him to a state of full alert. The character is no easier to sneak up on while asleep than he is when he is awake.

Chakra Control: These users have excellent chakra control, which means they waste little chakra in battle. People with excellent chakra control usually have average or below average chakra. Since the amount of chakra is smaller, it is easier to master control over it. People with this skill are like, Itachi, Kakakshi and Orochimaru.

Elemental: This skill gives the user excellent elemental control and a wide variety of uses for the element. Most people with this skill can master an element of their choice and will use it like none other. People with this skill are, Kakuzu, Nidaime Hokage and Asuma.

Sensor: This skill gives the user the ability to sense chakra to a more advanced degree than the average ninja. Those with this characteristic have increased chakra awareness and are to be able to feel chakra and sense how strong or weak it is and most notably to determine the source and direction of which the charka is coming from.

LIAR!: Character's with this trait are well versed in the art of lying. They have had practice lying and their bodies give no noticeable clue when they lie. When one of their lies is discovered they often cover it with another lie. This trait is on even footing with 'The Human Polygraph' meaning their lying skills when confronting someone with the opposite trait are the same as an average liar.

The Human Polygraph: Character's with this trait are able to pierce through a lairs veil by reading habits, quirks or nervous reactions given off by a liar. This trait is on even footing with 'LIAR!' meaning their polygraph skills become average when in a 'LIAR!'s presence.

The Wall: Character's with this trait are very adept at hiding their feelings, keeping them under lock and key. Emotions will not be easily noticed by those who do not know the user very well.

Eidetic memory: Characters with this trait are able to recall memories with extreme accuracy, rarely do they forget information.

Strong Willed: Character's with this trait are often hard to dissuade when they set their mind on something, anyone attempting to convince them to do something else may often find themselves leaving very flustered.

Internal Clock: Characters with this trait are hardly ever late, due to a spectacular internal sense of time.


Uncontrollable Temper
The character is prone to extraordinary fits of anger. When the mood takes him, it overwhelms all reason, and he destroys and maims everything in his path until exhaustion overtakes him. These rages are generally marked with periods of blackouts in which the character forgets his actions entirely.

Sleep Deprivation
Renjiro suffers from a unique sleep disorder. While he still sleeps at night like normal people, he does not enter the REM sleep, where his mind and body recover at night, as often as everyone else. Therefore, he wakes up more often than not as tired as when he fell asleep. This leads to a very tired state of mind for most of the day, signified by yawning and sluggish movements.

Public Profile
Name: Renjiro (... Unknow last name on profile)
Appearance: Brown shortish length hair and wears a jacket
Village: Kumogakure
Organization: Vongola
Rank:Unknown presumed S rank
Age: 19 - 22
Info: Little is known about this person except that he is the vongolas 12th Cloud guardian and has unique chakra absorbing ninjutsu. If you see this ninja and you are not a kumogakure ninja RUN.

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PostSubject: Re: Renjiro Kyoya - Kumo Jounin   Sat May 01, 2010 1:52 am

approved. Just need a confirm from the Raikage I believe
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PostSubject: Re: Renjiro Kyoya - Kumo Jounin   Sat May 01, 2010 5:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Renjiro Kyoya - Kumo Jounin   Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:30 pm

Archived due to user inactivity

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PostSubject: Re: Renjiro Kyoya - Kumo Jounin   

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Renjiro Kyoya - Kumo Jounin
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