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 Team 3 (Initial test + training)

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PostSubject: Team 3 (Initial test + training)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:29 pm

Shizukesa coughed as he woke up, his eyes showing that he had activated his byakugan. The dust around him flew into the air and assumed the position it had before Shizukesa had gone to sleep. It wasn't due to a sickness or an allergic reaction, but to a bad dream. It was reoccurring lately, this dream of his. He always found his vision to be impaired, something that a Hyuuga naturally feared. He prided his great vision, and held all of his security in it. The dream was always a little bit different, but always essentially the same. He could barely see what was going on, and he could barely feel anything. He felt insecure and scared in these dreams; a sign that he had to rely more on his other senses once in a while. He got up out of his bed, remembering his promise to a young boy that he had seen at the ramen shop. This boy was in his team: the first one he had ever led. He felt a little unprepared for this occasion of leading and training a team. he had no set courses, no plans, no travel ideas and barely any knowledge of the kids. Well, he he had some.

He had read up on them a little bit before he went to sleep, causing him to stay up until two o' clock. He was quite interested in what he found, and was quite excited in the potential of not only each of the individual team member's potential, but the potential of the team together.

Nonko Ryuuza was a taijutsu user, as Shizu was when he was younger. He knew that fire was his current element, and Shizu did not possess that. This meant that he would have to train him in his way of taijutsu, so his knowledge of the style would grow. Ravot Uchiha was.... a Uchiha. That's all he knew about him, other than that his element was lightning: another element which he did not posses. Shizukesa had bad personal experiences with Uchiha in the past, but maybe Ravot would prove to be a good person, and relieve the snobbishness of Uchiha that he had seen in the past. Shizukesa expected a lot of power from this boy, and he hoped that he would live up to his expectations. The last was Agito. Shizu was happy to have Agito on the team, for his elemental affinity with the wind element. Shizukesa could teach him ninjutsu, while he taught the other two taijutsu. First, however, he would have to put them all to the test.

Shizukesa took a shower, put his robe on, grabbed his equipment, and a scroll that was under his bed. As he left the door, he scratched his head and yawned, remembering to lock it on his way out. He took the sidewalk to the training grounds, watching the busy city buzz about.

Shizu remembered a time when life was simpler; this made him feel older than he really was. He had to take a special route to get to training grounds now, which were also shared with agricultural areas. Everything was bigger now, and whether it was "better" or not was left up to opinion. Shizu made his way there, and sat down in the middle of the grass. The grass was a little bit wet, but Shizu did not mind. There was a stream running next to him, and the sun was hitting him. It was his perfect environment for doing anything:relaxing, fighting, living. Shizukesa took a long, deep breath, then took out his scroll. The scroll had a life-sized image of a complete human body.

This scroll not only listed the organs inside of the body, but the tenketsu points as well. Shizukesa was going to attempt to teach the gentle fist to a non-Hyuuga. It would take work, but Shizukesa was determined. He looked up into the sky, and awaited his team's appearance.

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Nonko Ryuuza

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PostSubject: Re: Team 3 (Initial test + training)   Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:39 am

Darkness enshrouded the small room on the second story of a small, comfortable house. Snores could be heard coming from beneath the covers of a medium sized bed. Strewn around the room were an assortment of tools that looked out of place in a normal boys room. Kunai, shuriken, ninja wire and even an odd paint brush could be seen in the floor, on the dresser and even on the window sill. The oddest thing about this room was a can of green paint that rested precariously on the top of the slightly opened door. Nonko, the boy who lay in the bed, had put this there the night before to pull a little prank on his dad. He knew that this would result in him getting into a bit of trouble but he didn't mind. It was always fun to see the expressions on a persons face after a well planned out prank. Snore continued to fill the room and the clock on the bedisde table showed that it was 8:00 am.

Soft footsteps crept up the carpeted hallway towards the slightly ajar door. Ishimura Ryuuza walked towards the room with a grin on his face. He knew that his son hated to be woken this early but it was time to get up. The man needed Nonko to go out into the village and buy some groceries so that they would have something to eat that night. Stopping breifly in front of the door to check that nothing was out of place, the man pushed the door open and stepped in. A torrent of liquid fell over his head, covering his eyes, mouth and nose. To make matters worse, a hard object crashed onto the top of his head, causing the man to stagger. Lights appeared in front of his face as Ishimura tried desperatley to clean the unkown liquid from his face. Using the first thing his hands closed around, one of Nonko's shirts, he wiped it away quickly and then stared down at the white shirt once he could see again. The fabric was stained red, causing him to make the assumption that this was paint covering his head. Fuming, Ishimura walked slowly to Nonko's bed, a malicious smile spreading across his face.

Beautiful women circled around Nonko, winking at him and smiling seductively. The boy stared at them with a look of awe, admiring the formidable bosom of the one closest to him. She moved and the boy reached out to her, hoping with all his might that he could touch her. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't get his fingers an inch closer. It was as if there was a barrier seperating her from him. Groaning audibly, he continued without hope to reach her. All the women giggled and kept dancing around him. Nonko felt like screaming. He was only a few inches from her but he couldn't seem to reach her. Giving up and just staring at them, he gave in to the fact that he would never be able to touch them. They were just too beautiful for him to have a chance of getting near them. Staring up grumpily, he watched the woman with the big bosom move closer, until she was right above him. Without a word, she reached down and rubbed his jaw line. Nonko's eyes went wide and he knew that he had finally achieved something. He could touch them now, or so he thought...

Something hard collided with the snoring boy's head. Nonko jumped up, the covers twisting around his body as he attempted to attack whatever had attacked him. He fell into the floor, surrounded by red covers with a welt starting to forum on his head. Rubbing it gently, the boy looked around for his attacker. His eyes fell on his father, covered in red and paint and looking furious. Realizing what happened, Nonko burst out laughing, rolling around in the floor and staring at his father. The man looked quite ludicrous covered in red paint while looking like he was about to murder someone. Nonko thought it looked the man was covered in lava and had just reason from the Pit of Doom. Shaking off the laughter, Nonko stood up and grinned at Ishimura while scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry about that, Tou-san. Maybe you should check your surroundings more." Grinning, the boy annoyed his fathers protests while he pulled on a shirt and pants. "You need to lea- ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?" Nonko jumped and spun around, staring at his father. "Oh, sorry. Busy day today, ya know?" Walking quickly to his closet, the boy pulled down the vest that had his headband stitched to it and slid it on over his shirt before pulling on his shoes and strapping his ninja tool pouch on. Stifling a yawn, he looked uo at his father from the position he was in. "I'll bring you back something to eat later on tonight. See ya soon, old man." With that he turned and opened the window, launching himself out and landed smoothly on the ground below. Ishimura ran to the window and yelled out of it, "NO MORE PRANKS! TRY TO BE MORE RESPECTFUL TOO!" Nonko just waved his hand and disappeared around the corner, chuckling.

The steady drone of the village surrounded the boy as he made his way towards the training grounds. It had been a few days since he met his sensei had the ramen shop. The man, Shizukesa, had told him to meet him there for their first team meeting. Nonko was looking forward to it. Meeting the other Genin on his squad would be fun. It was going to be fun seeing how they reacted to his eccentric personality. Grinning foolishly, the boy picked up his walk to a sprint and sped through the crowd. People grumbled as he bumped into them, knocking some of them to the ground. Nonko didn't pay them any attention, this was an important day.

The training grounds spread out in front of him as Nonko ran full speed towards a man sitting, staring up at the sky. Skidding to a halt in front of him, Nonko bowed and then stood straight again. "Good morning, Shizukesa-sensei. You have anything fun planned for today?" Taking a seat in front of him, Nonko stifled a yawn and listened to the sounds of nature around them. It was a rare gift in this village, since everything was so techincal these days. Peace was hard to come by and the boy enjoyed it when he managed to find a peaceful spot.
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PostSubject: Re: Team 3 (Initial test + training)   Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:54 pm

After meditating for awhile and leaving the mysterious boy and his huge spider, Ravot headed for the other training ground near by his location. He hurried toward toward the training ground as fast as he could excited to meet his new team, the only thing he heard about his new team was that his master was an exceptional jounnin with great skill plus he was Hyuuga. Ravot don't remember much do to his amnesia, but he heard that the Hyuuga and the Uchiha had a bad history but he didn't care about that he was actually didn't care at all that he was being taught by a hyuuga. I get to meet my new teammate I wonder if there strong, maybe we will get along.....maybe. Anyway i wonder what the test will be. Ravot picked up the pace and race toward the other training ground.

A few minutes later, Ravot being to notice that there were few tree's up ahead I must be getting close.... Ravot slowed down and began walking calmly toward the training ground the dark cloud that he saw earlier began to fade away and the sun lite up the sky with its light. The birds began to chrip and sing again in an almost soothing melody, Ravot began to notice a opening nearby and saw two people talking to each other I wonder if it them. Ravot walked calmly into the opening and toward the two. "I guess this must be where Team 3 meet. Ravot slowly examined the boy closest to him, he could tell he was around his age and was his new teammate. Ravot then slowly swifted his eyes toward to the man, he knew that this was his new master since his eyes were just that of a hyuuga's This is are master, he looks strong. I wonder if he could teach me an thing or two. " You must be Shizukesa, nice to me ya. The names Ravot Uchiha but you can call me Scar." As Ravot said that he point to the X-shaped scar on his forehead.
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PostSubject: Re: Team 3 (Initial test + training)   Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:40 am

Note: I'll be posting and editing the same posts (including this one) throughout the day due to my connection problems.

The sun slowly and carefully edged out from hiding behind the grey clouds. It's light only just beginning to engulf the landscape. A light breeze brushed passed windows, caressing them with outstretched fingers and a warm touch; it truly was a nice start to a summers day.

Akito was lying down on a

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PostSubject: Re: Team 3 (Initial test + training)   Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:40 pm

Hurry up please? Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Team 3 (Initial test + training)   

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Team 3 (Initial test + training)
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