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 Start of a new life....time to train.

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PostSubject: Start of a new life....time to train.   Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:12 pm

It was bright in the morning, the birds began to chrip and the sun rose across the horizion, its bright light lite up the village of Kumogakure to signal the start of a new day. Deep with Kumogakure living area, that held the homes of every civilian and ninja in village, near the center of the area was a normal house almost as similair in design as the houses that surrond it. Inside the house, in one of many rooms lived, laid ravot asleep in the bed till the bright light from the sun lite up his room. "Ugh, Morning already..." Ravot moved the covers back and got of bed heading for the bathroom, to begin his daily routine of cleaning himself and getting ready for the new day. Ravot walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later, and begain putting on his clothing and preparing breakfast for himself. As Ravot sat down and began eating breakfast he began recalling the same dream he's had everysince the incident that left with amnesia. Its dark,cold and he on top of a mountain where he see dark shadowy figure staring at him with the intent to kill, he back up to the ledge then the figure attack him, knocking him off the ledge down toward the ground. Then it goes blank, Ravot holds a confuse expression on his face. "Why do i kept having the same dream, and what is it trying to tell me." Ravot shakes his head and stood up and put the dirty dish in the sink.

A hour later, Ravot stand outside of his house looking into the open sky as the sun blazed down upon him, he takes out a dark pair of shade and them on his face and began heading to the train station. A few minutes later he arrived there and waited for the train heading for the Agricultural Sector to arrive. Suddenly he heared a loud screeching noise and looked down the dark tunnel and saw a bright light, It was the train that he was waiting for, coming to halt at the station. Ravot got on and sat down in one of the many seats on the train and waited for it to reach the Agricultural sector.

A hour later, Ravot arrived at the Agricultural Sector train station and got off the train. He left the station and headed for the training ground locate near the edge of the Agricultural Sector. He arrived at the training ground a few minutes later, the area was mix with different terrain in order to give ninja's a chance to practice their skills in different terrain. Before Ravot began training he sat down near a tree and began mediating. He heared the wind blowing by him, the birds sings to one another in almost soothing sound. Ravot was mediating peacefully until he pick up on the sounds of someone coming by and waited calmly for them to speak.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of a new life....time to train.   Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:53 pm

Darkness filled the large room which was located on the west wing of the Tadajin Clan's moderate sized main house. Two sets of snores could be heard coming from underneath the light green covers of a large king sized bed while another set of snores came from the floor. All around the room there were cloths that belonged to both occupants of the bed. The set of cloths closest to the bed could easily be distinguished as as a female's being that of a small pink tank top which lay next to an equally pink D-32 cup bra and flip flops, the G string and skirt still remained on the bed through mixed in with the slightly disoriented sheet and blanket. Surprisingly the cloths closest to the door belonged to the male occupant of the bed being that of a standard white Kumogakure chuunin vest, that sat on top of plain black boxers, a fishnet shirt, a black kumo headband, and dark green wind pants.

Besides the mess that was the bed and what led to the bed, the room wasn't all that dirty, it was actually quite complete with a fair sized dresser, a polished but aging oak desk, a 42 inch plasma TV and a rack that held all of the boy's ninja equipment. Said rack was a simple black color which matched the carpet, it held a large zanbatou like blade and various pouches that were filled to the brim with kunai, ninja wire, shuriken, and explosive notes. Though with all of this taken into consideration besides the 'couple' that lay without cloths on the rooms only bed, there was something else mildly strange about the room. With that being the EXTREMELY large spider webs that were on the top corners of his ceiling, normally one would surely be frightened by such things but with Maikeru Tadajin Jr, not being your everyday run of the mill shinobi it really didn't matter to him. Maikeru Jr, the boy who lay in bed cuddling with the only female in the room, knew exactly who and what had put this there, which was none other than his best friend and also pet spider named Konomaru.

Hurried footsteps could be heard as they hastily made their way down the waxed hallway of the Tadajin clan house towards the teenage'd clan head's locked door. Aero Tadajin walked towards the room with a nervous look on his face. He knew that he had messed up big this time, the prior night the young leader of the clan had specifically instructed the aged clan member to wake him up at 6 so that he could get to the training ground early before the storm set in, it was now going on 9 o'clock in the morning. Stopping briefly in front of the door to catch his barrings since he had practically jogged here, the elderly man then cleared his throat and softly knocked on the door. "Maikeru-sama I am deeply sorry for this, but it appears I've woken up late and with that, have woken you up late, it is now 8:57 please forgive me sir." A couple minutes passed by with the elder Tadajin member standing in front of the door with his head bowed in shame before the door flew open revealing a completely naked Maikeru Jr, complete with an annoyed expression "It's fine Aero...you can go back to bed if you like I needed to get a couple extra hours of sleep in anyway." The young boy said to the wide eyed senior who ended up fainting from the shock. Sighing Maikeru Jr, scratched his head and called for help, afterward he woke up Konomaru and both quickly bathed and dressed before heading out to the training grounds which wasn't really that far from the Tadajin clan grounds. Walking with his hands in his pockets Maikeru Jr, looked up at the sky that as of now filled with dark clouds and let out another sigh of annoyance "Ugh, it's going to start raining and thundering pretty soon Konomaru which is going to make training a little more tedious than in the past, you up for it?" The slightly older boy(by 7 minutes) said looking down at the mostly black spider that walked stride for stride with him "Hell yeah I'm up for it it's better than sitting around and flirting all day." Konomaru spoke earning a scoff from the white haired boy "Whatever.....hey look someone's here already," Maikeru Jr, said as both he and Konomaru stopped by the lake of the training ground and began eying the boy who looked as if he was meditating.
"What do you want to do?" Konomaru asked looking up at Maikeru his voice that of a whisper, Maikeru responded to this by grinning and cracking his neck "A fight every now and then does make life more interesting.." He said just as thunder roared in the background, he made sure he spoke loud enough for the other boy to hear him.
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Posts : 24
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Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Start of a new life....time to train.   Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:34 pm

Ravot was mediating peacefully, focusing his focus and sharping his mind while being at peace with himself. Ravot was usually a reckless boy, who was impatience and also getting into to fight, but since that incident Ravot has become a calm person. Ravot was still listing to the footstep coming toward and by how they sounded he could tell that there was more than one person, as this was happen Ravot was surpised at how cool it became and notice that a huge dark cloud had blocked out the sun. Lightning danced threw the sky and thunder created a loud boom that destroyed what little peace that was there before, Ravot stopped mediating and slowly stood up from where he sat, then opened his eyes and looked toward where the footstep where coming from. Suddenly he notice a shadow figure walking toward him and by how it look he could tell it was a boy around the maybe the same age as him, then he notice a small but huge figure with a eight legs walking next to the other boy. What the hell....is that a huge spider is that. Is it that boy summoning or maybe...

Suddenly lightning lite up the training ground and Ravot got a look at figures, it was a boy around his age and a huge spider, he quickly could tell that the boy came to train by the equipment he had on him. Ravot notice that the spider whisper something to the boy and suddenly the boy began grinning and cracking his neck "A fight every now and then does make life more interesting.." Ravot raised his eyebrows It seem these two want to fight.....Well i might as well spar against him, maybe i'll learn something from this. Ravot turned and face the two " My name is Ravot Uchiha, but if you like you can call me Scar." As he said that Ravot pointed to the X-shaped scar on his forehead. "And who might you two be-"

Suddenly his phone begain to vibrate, Ravot reached inside his pocket and pulled out his phone, it said a new message. Ravot looked at the new text message and it said 'Team 3 report to the training grounds for testing.' "Looks like it time. Sorry, but it seem i have an important matter to attention to maybe we can spar another time." Ravot looked at the boy for a split second then left for the other training grounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of a new life....time to train.   

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Start of a new life....time to train.
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