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PostSubject: Zetsumei(WIP)   Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:37 am

Name: Zetsumei Sabure
Nickname/Alias: (Persona's)Itami, Kichigai, Kami
Zetsu(Short for real name)

Age Appearance: 23

Thirteen Years Old:
First day of Prison:
Six years of Prison


Rank: Akatsuki
Ninja Rank: S-rank

Village: Currently in Jail, in Kumo
Birthplace: Suna
Previous Village:

Clan/Bloodline: Sabure Clan

Personality: Zetsu is a very insane man, to say the least. He has many different mental disorder's that make him who he is. However, despite these disorders, it seems he is a rather smart person, and can think as well as many geniuses around him. His most notable disorder is his multi personality disorder. It may seem he is the same person, but as he digs deeper in the his other personal, he becomes much more crazy and more willing to kill. He does not enjoy to hear anything about his past, or even mentioned the word past. He goes the craziest if anything is mentioned about his mother.

Adding onto the insaneness of Zetsu, he will act kind and normal around people, the first time he meets them. He will do almost whatever he can to gain there trust, and then take what he needs. This will typically end up, with him trying to kill that person. Being insane, has taught him to be very cunning, and things come his way easily. However, he can not sustain this act for long. The longest he could, was in his younger years, and this lasted for almost three years. He can know only handle about two to four weeks of kindness, and this is slowly decreasing.

Zetsu thinks highly of himself, and will let everyone know that. This is one of his persona's, and he will often call himself Kami. He will demand that everyone who is taking to him, will call him either Kami, Lord, or God. If someone messes up, he will try and harm them in every way possible. He also is much more emotionally shallow, and does not care what he has done. Although he is likely this when he is normal, this persona, know as Kami, is the height for this behavior.

Zetsu is very preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success and power. He feels that if he has power, he will having nothing but success in his life. He will do anything he can do obtain this power and reach towards his goals. This be seen as a good trait in most, but in Zetsu case, it is the opposite of a good trait. He is willing to kill anyone, if to achieve the smallest goal. He also feels the need to have excessive admiration, but he does not always get this and he either makes him very angry or he will simple laugh uncontrollable.

He has an uncontrollable rage, if he is pushed to far. Surprisingly, it takes quite a lot to make Zetsu go into the stage of complete rage. However, this is one person that can set him off right away. This is his mother and any mention of his mother will set him off, into the persona of Itami. While in Itami, pain will not effect him, in the sense of feeling it, however it is there. He will yell for his mother a lot, while in this persona, and also he seems to be unable to speak anything more than his name, and "mommy" while Itami. He is also seen crying, while Itami, but is still very very angry. After he is out of Itami, he will remember nothing, that just happened.

He also enjoys pain, in general. He does not care if it is caused by him, if someone else cause someone pain, or someone or something cause him pain. However, he will not harm himself, to feel pain. He feels that people who do this, are crazy. If he is harmed or has harmed enough, he will go quite for a while, and then his persona is now Kichigai. While Kichigai, he has a bigger taste for killing. Instead of killing his enemy right away, he will make sure they die a slow and painful death. He is also more likely to eat part of his victim after he has killed them, while Kichigai. However, if not, Zetsu still enjoys blood and flesh.

Zetsu loves to bring people down, in any way shape or form he can. This makes him feel even more higher up than he already feels he is. He does not feel guilt for the things he has done, and in fact he feels that he is doing the world right, when others look at it his wrong doing. Also, if he cannot do something, he will often blame someone, or something else just to spite them, and not make him look as bad. He hates the higher ups, in villages, and also hates the fact that there are so many villages. He wants to make the world as chaotic as he can.

Goals: Mass Murder, Cause World War
Alignment: Pure Evil

Canon Personality: Hidan, Chunnin Exam Arc Gaara, Curse Seal Juugo,

History: To understand Zetsu, many years have to be traced back. He is a direct descendant of the one named Gaara. Meaning, that he is known as a Sand user, and has skills like that of Gaara. This meant he would have a great name to follow. However, later in life, many would be disappointed with his actions. His father, was also a name he would be looked to follow, because he was a great Shinobi, much like Gaara. His father was a great man, however, he had a greater duty to his village.

This mission gave the sand village a new enemy to look out for, and their first target was Zetsu's family. At this time, it was only Zetsu's mother, whom was pregnant with Zetsu. His mother was guarded very much at the time, when her son was in the whom. She lived long enough to have Zetsu and she could now live without being watched. She two was a ninja, like Zetsu's father, but not quite as strong. Zetsu was still little and had already seen a lot of pain, and that was not about to change. He was likely that he was not aware of the pain, yet, but he soon would be.

At the age of two, his mother was killed by man, but the man was also killed. Thus, leaving Zetsu save, but to fend for himself. After several days of not eating, he had no choice but to eat his own mothers and the mans flesh. This would cause him a great deal of pain, but he had no choice. Even at the age of two, Zetsu knew what he had to do to survive. He would be out of his house, until several weeks, after eat human flesh and oddly growing to enjoy the taste. This was about the time, when Zetsu began to change. He was put under special care, because of this tragic event.

After his special care, he did not change in his mind, but he had learned how to act like he was alright, after several years of this care. This was good enough for the village leaders to allow him to start training as a ninja, which was a huge mistake on the villages part. Although it was not noticed at the start, it would soon be brought to the village, as soon as he became a Genin.

While training to be a ninja, it seemed to was behind the others, because he had no training before hand, nor did he have time to even play outside, being in care for most of his life. However, he was rather smart and passed most of in class training, but he was weak outside of the classroom. Thus, this meant he would have to stay in the academy, for several more years. This mad him rather angry, and made him wish that the village did not put him in care, but for now, he would hid his feelings for the time being.

While in the academy, Zetsu spent his time outside of killing animals in wild, if he could find some. He's favorite past time was killing, but however, not being strong enough, he had to use weapons to help him. His weapon of choice was a small dagger, or a short sword. He rather hated he had to use suck weapons, but it was the only thing he could at the time being. This would also help him become a very strong person, because he was always killing this, this would be consider training.

Zetsu soon had enough strength to go onto and train harder with the other students in his academy. At this time he also realized that he had a power growing inside of him, and it had came up, ever so slightly. This power was one of the reasons why Zetsu was so weak, because his body was made to use Ninjutsu. This was about the only reason that Zetsu would have a chance to become a ninja, because he was still so weak. That and his slight sword skill helped him along the way. It was soon time for Zetsu to take his Genin exam, and he had hoped this would be his final one.

At the start of his exam, Zetsu was rather nervous, because he was the last to go. He knew in his heart at the time, if he did not pass, he would probably kill someone. This made him throw up and also made him doubt himself. However, this was not the case for Zetsu took the exam and had passed with much ease. It had taken him several years to become strong, but he now knew that his name would be remembered for a very long time. What for he was not sure, but he knew it in his heart he would.

He, like most Genin was put with a team. At this time, Zetsu did not much like his team nor did he care to learn anything about him. He merely cared for the fact that he wanted to become stronger, and do it any way he could. He would even try to kill his sensei if he needed to. But at the time, this was not the case, because Zetsu was still not strong enough to do so. He had a lot of training to do, before he could follow in the steps of his goals. He was now showing signs of being corrupt, but he could still hide this very well.

The team did not work well together, or well, Zetsu did not work well with the team. He seemed to have his own way for everything they did, and he would always come out on bottom, because he was the weakest of the Genin. This made him rather angry and made him train a lot more by himself. He wanted to be strong without anyones help. He did not want to be defined by a team. He wanted to kill alone. If he could not do this, he could not live up to his name.

As Zetsu grew stronger, he was able to fight with the team, instead of being left out of many things, because he did not have the energy to do so. This meant that the team now could do many more things, because they seemed to be more prepared. Thus, they were set on their first mission. They were late bloomers, because they had a lot of training to do, but with this training they got ahead of the game. Zetsu had seemed to calm down a bit, because he was no longer a big jump away from the other Genin. In fact, he might have been able to hold his own against one of them now.

As the Genin team, advanced in many mission, they were getting much stronger. They had done many missions and now Zetsu was about the same level as the other two Genin in his team. However, it still enraged him, that he could not take them both on at the same time, which he tried several times. He vowed that one day he would kill them, along with his sensei, but for know he needed them, which made him even more upset about this whole thing. Things were not turning out, as the village had planned for Zetsu, like most things they planned.

As the team grew, they thought about becoming even stronger. They would soon be ready to take the Chunnin exams, but they would need months of training before they started the exam, and they had more than enough time to do so. This meant that Zetsu could go off on his own, for several weeks at a time, and train by himself. Thus, meaning that he would get very strong in a very little amount of time. Weeks before the Chunnin exam started, Zetsu was able to take on the two Genin in his team. He could know even hold his own against his sensei. Although, he could not win, he felt as if he was close.

Soon, it was a day before the Chunnin exams and the team was finally ready. Zetsu was now the strongest of the team, with the abilities to use sand jutsu, and kenjutsu. He was more skilled with his bloodline, but he could use his sword quite well. They entered the next day. It was lucky for Zetsu because he was skilled in many things and could find out things about each team, with much ease. This gave him the upper hand. He did not tell his team about their opponents, because he did not feel the need that they needed to know.

After the first exam was over, Zetsu knew that he would have to tell his team members a little bit about who they were fighting, but just enough to get a slight upper hand and only when they met someone. He knew that the ones they had met, would meet the same fate as many people Zetsu met, death. Zetsu knew that he was stronger than a lot of people his age, because of his training he went through and the hard work he had been put through. He was surely looking like a strong shinobi, much like his father before him, and his father, and so on and so forth. He was becoming more and more insane by the minute, while in the exam.

RP Sample:

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Recessive: Intelligence, Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

Kaosu's Page


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