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 Team one, Go! (strong language)

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PostSubject: Team one, Go! (strong language)   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:26 pm

Senshi had had a rough night, before going to bed, and he had a big and early day ahead of him. He had set his alarm clock for an early time, because he was told to get to the training ground by nine in the morning. His alarm had buzzed loudly at the time of eight in the morning. Senshi soon took out his gun and shot the damned thing. He looked out his window and shook his head. "Why the fuck did you make me so tired? You could have written that I had so much energy, because of you I feel like shit." He said looking almost passed the sky, talking to someone else in another world. Senshi soon feel back asleep and awoke to another alarm a half hour later. However, this time he jumped in the air, did a somersault, and chopped the clock in half with one of his swords. He sighed and looked back to the place he had been yelling at before. "You know, you are an asshole?" He yelled out flipping the bird, the way he had been looking. Senshi sighed and knew that he had to get ready and get out the door. He lived in the rough part of town and things for him were rough, but fun. He liked living where he was. Senshi was always under attack coming and leaving his home. Soon, He took the time to dress. He took out his swords and out them behind him. Next, he put his two guns on each side of him, in his belt. Finally he polished his metal arm and jumped out his bedroom window.

He landed and then drew his swords right away. He had a big smirk on his face as several older looking men circled around him. "Come on, assholes, make my day." These men were not ninja, but they were big. They could not fight like Senshi did, but they surely outnumbered and out muscled him. However, he knew how to fight, and was quite good at it. Soon, a sharp object was thrown at him from each side, and Senshi deflected them with both of his swords. After this failed all the men jumped towards Senshi hoping to tackle him and beat him to a bloody pulp. However, Senshi jumped in the air, put his swords away and took out his guns, in almost the same motion. He soon fired at all the men, shooting from both guns. At least two shards of metal had hit the men. Senshi laughed as he landed on them and walked away. "Better luck next time, assholes." He looked back into the sky and smiled. "At least you are good for a good time, you jackass." He laughed and walked into the village. It was about nine now, and he had been late. However, he wanted to take his time, because he did not care much about the team at the moment. Senshi had lived somewhat out of the village, so had to do a lot of walking to and from the village. He would always flip off the sky for some odd reason and yell at the top of his lungs that he hated being part of someones roleplaying site.

Senshi soon arrived at the entrance to the village hidden in the clouds. He did not seem to mind the new entrance, but would have much rather it be open, so that he could have better fights in the future. Within minutes he had arrived in the village. He wanted to cause some trouble or fight someone, but he was already late as it was, and felt that even if he did not care, he would not get the training he needed. He was needed at the training grounds, and he thought that things would already be started, and he could get to things no questions asked. However, as soon as he arrived this was not the case. Sadly, it had seemed he was the very first person to arrive. He looked at the time, and it had seemed he really arrived here on the dot. It seemed he had set his clocks early than he had thought. He soon looked into the sky and gave it a dirty look. "Ah you fucking asshole, why the hell would you do such a damned thing to me? I could be still sleeping right now, you damned asshole!" He felt the need to cuss out something and this was the only thing he knew. He looked around and saw no one. "The least you could have done was give me some fucking thing to do." Senshi sighed and needed something to get his mind off things.

He soon ran to a nearby store and looked around for something to keep his mind off being mad. He soon ran out of the store, unnoticed with a pack of cigarettes. He had smoked before, but he never had his own pack. He walked back to the training grounds and took out a lighter he had also stolen from the same store. He shook his head at the sky. "You just love being an asshole, don't you?" Senshi said as he was lightning the cigarette. He looked around and noticed that no one had been around. He smiled and and jumped into the middle of the training area. He puffed the last of his cigarette and began too walk backwards like his feet were staying in the same place. He soon began to dance, humming a song that seemed rather rare to hear. He got tired of humming and soon busted out in song. "Just beat it!" He yelled out singing. After the song was out of his head, he looked around see if anyone had been watching. "You asshole! You should have stopped me so no one would see me. Now I gotta kill them and you!" He took out his blades and walked where he though someone was coming from.

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PostSubject: Re: Team one, Go! (strong language)   Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:28 pm

Saib yawned a little as she continued walking down the street. Surprisingly, she was up this early. Normally when she could, she liked to sleep in until ten, or noon if possible, nine at the earliest. And oddly... Aoitori hadn't woken her up either. Come to think of it, she hoped he was still asleep. He had been worrying enough about her lately and she just needed some more time alone to think about things.

She hadn't liked her father much, and she was beginning to grow distant with her brother, and she'd lost contact with her mother... but still, they were family. It'd ben awhile since she had last seen any of them anyway, so why was she so upset? It wasn't like they had been closer or anything. Maybe she and Fuab-Thais... but they'd grown apart so really, why did it hurt as much as it did? She still wished she had gotten to see them of a sorts, but... Aoitori wouldn't let her. So of course she was suspicous of what had happened to them. It couldn't have been that bad, their bodies couldn't have been that destroyed... right?

And the Raikages had shifted again, throwing up questions if the previous Raikage had been involved somehow or if the current one had something to do with it. Things were all so very confusing and messed up right now. She just wished she could escape all of it for a little while, just for a little bit she wanted to feel like nothing had ever gone wrong. That she was still just annoyed with her father failing to see things through her eyes sometimes. But that would never happen...

Lost in her thoughts and memories, she found herself in the training grounds of Kumogakure somehow and just vaguely heard the end of someone's conversation before spying a young teen a few years younger than her walking towards her. Something about him seemed familar to her, but she couldn't recall why.

And then it dawned on her when she took another look at him. He was one of those Genin she was supposed to be working with. She had forgotten his name though... Aoitori had made her look at the files but asides from that she hadn't really absorbed the information or anything. She was still a bit too upset about what had just happened to properly absorb said information or think seriously about the matter. It still seemed... surreal to her, becoming an orphan.

But still, strange that they'd meet, even if it was by complete accident. Should she say something? Did he even know she was their Chuunin Assisstant? Ahh forget it, he probably didn't even know her. If he did would've said something or done something by now. Just keep walking, get back to Aoitori, calm him down if he's awake... wait... where -was- she? 'Ahhh and I just started to figure out where things were in Kumo and now everything had to get remodeled and I keep getting lost!' thought Saib, stopping and looking around, hoping to find something she could use as a guide to get back to the Raikage's Mansion.


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Team one, Go! (strong language)
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