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 Rags to Riches (open to Kumogakure members)

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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Rags to Riches (open to Kumogakure members)   Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:26 pm

Kaisen had thought that the rain pouring down the mansion would be something a little less than sprinkles of water coming out but the hurricane like weather did not cease to give as he heard the pounding on the mansion rooftop. It did not matter whether he was the apartment in the ghetto sector or in the highest mansion in the village, the rain sounded the same. The drops pelting over and over on the rooftop did not make any difference.

He was in his office sitting down in the middle of the floor in a mediative position. It was a bit chilled in the room yet he felt right at home in sitting down. With only his black pants covering his body, he sat there with his eyes closed and his mind focus. There didn't seem to be anything that would wake him out this trance.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in" Kaisen said, unmoved on the floor. The doorknob twisted and turned and the door open. It was a women with the manner of buisness in her eyes. Her federal blue buisness attire with the skirt that stopped mid-thigh was the overly sexualize preference of the former Raikage. Her glasses hunged of her eyes just a bit revealing black eyes with that intent, her hair up in a bun, it was no wonder she looked buisness. Kaisen open his eyes and turns to her.

He saw the clipboard in her head with a few stacks of paper about six inches in height. He would have to sign it, his imagination of him having a major cramp in his hand was only just the beginning. He grabbed the katana in his hand and stood up. They first stared at each other for a brief moment, both eating at each others looks and personalities. They could clash, they could work together but measuring up currently was what they were doing. Kaiisen broke the measuring with "Paperwork. The silent killer of all kages" It was an attempt to make a joke but he didn't see any humor in it. He walks to the door.

The women nodded. Her hands glided through the sheets of paper on the clipboard saying "We have a listings of all shinobi needing teams, all missions that need your approval, a checking of the commerce sector and the industrial sector. A bit of complaints from resturants, both employment and customers alike..." she paused and said "The usual..."

"Hmmm" he rubbed the bushel of hair on his chin and grabs the clipboard from her "I'm gonna sound like an idiot so humor me with this"

"That's my job" she said. Her voice was almost neutral but it held such a bitter tone and sarcasm in it. Kaisen was going to like working with her

"Isn't it also your job to do the paperwork and I just make public appearances and what not?"

She didn't say anything at first. Her eyebrows rose a bit with her eyes saying to him that he had no idea about the huge stunts of paperwork a kage goes through. His eyes were still saying humor him. She responded finally with "You'll have more than make public appearances Raikage-sama. You'll be doing more work than the previous kage"

"Joyful" Kaisen bows his head "I shall get to this stack. I thank you for your assistance"

She gave another look. It was a look of surprise. Kaisen was the first to say thank you for her assistance. "Y-You're welcome" she said a bit embrassed for not answering him the second he said thank you and walked away. Kaisen closed the door. He let out a deep sigh and he threw the clipboard on the table gentle enough to land perfectly in front of the desk "Two points...". He sits back down on the floor and place his katana on his lap. There he closed his eyes again and began to conctrate

It'll be hard for me to get a good training session. I'll have to find that training room Kaji installed. Maybe then I can get a few more skills. A kage is suppose to have the strongest skills in the village. My skills are taijutsu and kenjutsu with those techniques my father... he stopped in thought. His blank expression turned to the door where he heard footsteps

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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Rags to Riches (open to Kumogakure members)
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