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PostSubject: WIP FAUST CAPTAIN 4TH SQUAD   Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:38 pm

Basic Information

Name: Faust

Appears: 15
Real Age: 1900

Gender: Male

Division: 4

Seat: Captain


Personality: A good word to encompass all the dynamics of Faust's personality would be separatist. This falling into place due to his abillity to seperate the different aspects of his life and apply appropriate mannerisms for each. Appropriate meaning what he deems best to suit him, not what is socially accepted. In some areas his mannerisms his actions are almost the epiphany of socially acceptable, other areas, not so much.

When he is outside of battle, he is an intensely warm person, giving the air of a righteous being, all to willing to talk with others, get to know them, and be friend them. He is even quite playful at heart and it shows. There is almost a child like charm to him, probably attributed that in life he died at such a young age. Hes that guy that appreciates even the little things in life, but hes not the constantly calm chilled guy. He is calm yes, but not so much as to be in a constant state of nirvana. He is a truly happy man who has made peace with himself and the world around him. He appreciates things like the beach, sunsets, and flowers. He is an all around sweetheart, though itsnt really what you would call a ladies man. He is loyal above all else and is at times, self sacrificial.

In battle and business matters however, he is all seriousness and takes a whole new role. Those close to him have declared being frightened by the sudden shift that over comes, seemingly from no where. IT is like a chill enters the room. The absolute focus he has is unparalleled, and he becomes almost sage like, cold yes, nearly heartless towards his enemies, but ever wise. In battle his true age comes out. He doesnt display emotions, not believeing his enemies to have deserved it. You can always tel when he is being seriousness and trying to kill you, for the difference is dramatic. This is the exact opposite of his normal manner and is like the quiet storm, full of fury and hate and devestation, but at the same time, there is a beauty to the chaos and a sense of purpose. He acts in justice and serves it like the cold metal of his blade. Anyone who falls to his blade, only brought it on themselves.


Strength: 10

Speed: 60

Accuracy: 45

Stamina: 60

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Kyanseru

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description:

Faust's Zanpakuto is a very peculiar make. It is unlike most other Zanpakuto in numerous ways and is in fact fashioned to fit his fighting style perfectly. It is a perffect mirror of his sole, which is more then most shinigami can say which is very impressive. Each key part of Kyanseru means something specific and to go with out notice in most cases would be a lethal over site. They provide subtle etremeities that other zanpakuto do not have and even in simple sword sparring matches, can lead to making a world of difference to an end unparalleled by most other blades.

  • Color - The blade of Kyanseru is colored all black, rather then having a silver blade. This emulates the teachings of shadow and going unseen. It does not glimmer and give off light. While this does eliminate the advantage of being able to potentially blind the opponent, it can be used to better use in dimly lit circumstances.

  • Size and Shape - The shape of the blade provides several advantages. For starters, it limits the ways the blade can cut in which manners. This creates a simplified design for specific purpose, which means that each strike must mean something. This aids in honing ones ability as a swordsman. Also as it is double bladed, meaning it has a blade on both sides and not just one, the range of a cut can be extended and faster offensive maneuvers can be made. It is also thinner then other zanpakutos, which allows for better penetration upon flesh. It is also thin enough that it can slip between a pair of ribs with no problem what so ever. Finally, being that he is captain and therefore has immense reaitsu, this implies that the sword is infact denser then most other zanpakuto's and so can not be broken.

    Sweeping Strikes
    These types of attack from this blade are extremely fast, and the fastest of all the basic maneuvers capable of a sword. However, as it is a large coverage area type attack, takes longer to complete, and is easiest to block. It also does not cut very deep with this sword, and is used for quick shallow wounds instead, used to slowly wear the opponent down.

    Stabbing Strikes
    These attacks are slower but in all actuality are harder to block because it makes the blade a much smaller target and is more focused. This is also the most lethal of the two strikes. That is because it creates more force and is capable of buring deep into the human body and creating much more internal damage.

  • Notch - It can be noted that in the center of this sword is an empty slot of nothing but air put into the design. The use of this is very simple and very beneficial. The notch is just big enough to allow the point of a zanpakuto of like weapon to pass through, but not wide enough that the whole thing can pass through and hurt him. This is an effective blocking technique in that it gives Faust some control over the opponents weapon by applying opposite force that is more difficult to counteract then the typical block from a sword. This is because it can effectively trap the blade and applys force from two sides and not just one, leaving the only really way to escape the turn of control by backing away and straight back.

  • Grip/Handle[ - The grip of this zanpakuto is very peculiar in that it is actually larger and different shaped. Normally being bigger would make it harder to hold. However, the grip is designed in several rings which allow the fingers better traction and thus better control over it. This allows for great acrobatic displays in swordsmanship and quicker reactions.

Released Zanpakuto Description: Kyanseru has virtually no beneficial effects for Faust in its releases. Not directly at any rate. To begin to describe the Shinkai, it is best to describe the new look and design. The blade becomes another type of weapon altogether, though retaining the title of a blade, or well, in this case, the plural form, blades. It splits into and both blades shrink a great deal, further compacting the spiritual pressure, and creating even more powerful weapons. They become almost needle like, though not being nearly that thin. They become attached to the bottom of each forearm, and can be retracted to fit under the forearm if so desired and be triggered to shoot out into full length at any time. These are called the hidden blades, and are very useful tools designed specifically for assassination. Unlike the previous blade, all attacks are extremely swift and hard to block due to the compact size, and all types of strikes can lead to deep and dangerous wounds.

Besides this, it also has a further effect which does nothing for itself, but is stil highly powerful all the same. The true name of Kyanseru means "cancel" and thats exactly what it does as the phrase which initiates this form implies, Suffocate the Air. The true power of Kyanseru, is not its transformation, but rather that is mere presence suppresses the reaitsu in the surrounding area and places a cap as to how much can be released by people and the place alike. This will effect different types of warriors in different ways. The radius of this effect stretches out for 100 meters in ALL directions.

  • Shinigami - When paired against fellow shinigami, the effects are quite clear and easy to see. However, this release only works on the more powerful shinigami, oddly enough. This is because this release suppresses the reaitsu levels in the area down to where bankai can not be released. It is clear to see why lower ranked shinigami would be entirely unaffected by this, as they do not posses bankai. In addition, this will disallow any kind of kido move exceeding but not including the level 50 to be incapable of being performed. It should be noted that this ability does not block mele based bankai or Kyanseru's own bankai from being used. However, the effect on kido use is still applied to Faust. In a final note, all vaizard powers are completely locked in presence of this shinkai.

  • Arranacr/Espada - When dealing with arrancar of all kinds, the effect is again very simple and easy to notice, nor does it take much explanation. It can be put clearly just by stating that Arrancar lose their ability to use their ressurecion in the pressence of this shinkai. Also any kido like attacks exceeding the power of a level 50 kid will be off limits as well. This shinkai does not affect any other hollows other then arrancar and espada.

  • Quincy - The way the shinaki works on quincy is a bit different then others as they do not rely on releases to fight, however, they do rely heavily on reaitsu usage and so are probably the most affected out of all of them by this shinkai. To begin any ginto move that would be equal to or greater then a level 51 kido is off limits in the presence of this shinkai. Also their high level skill known as Lez Still is off limits and unusable. Also abiliity to use spirit arrows will be greatly reduced. The amount of arrows they can fire at once will be halved (rounded up to the nearest whole), and the speed in which they can fire in successoin will be doubled due to needing more time to generate the arrows. Also, the arrows will each be 25% weaker then they are at full power. The one advantage that quincy's have is that they are good at long distance attacks, however, if an arrow is fired from outside the radius of effect of this shikai, Still though, the arrows will lose 25% power when entering the radius, but the speed and amount will be unaffected.

  • Humans - This is the simplest effect by far. Humans typically have two levels of transformation etc. As with shinigami and their Bankai, humans are unable to access their level 2 transformation, or any technique equating to or exceeding a level 51 kido, or anything comparable in power to a level 2 transformation. Other then that, humans being relatively unconnected to spirit energy compared to the other races, are more or less unaffected.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Suffocate the air Kyanseru"

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Zanpakuto Realm:

Bankai Information

Bankai Name: Zanmenteki Kyanseru

Bankai Looks:

External Bankai Alterations:

Bankai Description: The bankai of Kyanseru is extremely similar to its shikai. The main difference is the physical looks. As before the shikai gets denser and much much smaller. It is extremely strong at this point and is very difficult to utilize. This is because they remain separate, but are now a set of twin scalpels. Due to the sheer density though, they will leave a mark on any zanpakuto they cross paths with, ultimately leaving their mark on the soul of anyone who crosses paths with them. (This is only a figure of speech.) Its special abillity is merely an increase in the effects of the shinkai powers. However it is strange that is more powerful, yet effects less powerful things. It still effects what it did before, but as previously described, the hidden power of Kyanseru acts like a reaitsu cap, and this lowers that cap to allow even less reaitsu free flow then the shinkai does. The area of effect remains at 100 meters however.

  • Shinigami - With the reiatsu cap lowered to allow even less reaitsu flow then before, the use of all shinkai now become locked and unreleasable. This makes it devestating agianst most any shinigami as they can not helplessly rely on the supernatural powers of their sword anymore. Also all kido techniques exceeding the level of 10 are incapable of being used. To note on Mele type zanpakuto, In this state it does block Bankai level releases, but not their shinkai release. This is due to the less reaitsu amount attributed with mele type bankai.

  • Arrancar/Espada - As before, ressurecion releases are locked to all arrancar and espada. It also has an effect on one of their passive traits, hierro. There stronger skin is thanks to a concentration of reaitsu. The cap created by the bankai dirrectly lowers that concentration, and allows the skin to be pierced by nearly any zanpakuto even unreleased. Any kido like attacks equaling or exceeding 11 are blocked off.

  • Quincy - The bankai is absolutely devestating for a quincy, reducing even the strongest of quincy to much lower levels. With this bankai activated, they will not be able to draw in reaitsu from around them. Ginto attacks equaling or exceeding 11 are also blocked. The special move Ransōtengai is not useable either. Concerning their arrows, they will be reduced by 50% in strength. They will only be able to fire a third of the arrows they were before, (rounded down to the nearest whole), and the time taken to fire in quick succession will be tripled. Their slight advantage of range techniques still applies. Seele Schneider are only half as strong in the range of this bankai.

  • Humans - Humans are still capable of transforming into their level one mode, but are unable to use any attacks that exceed the rank of a level ten kido.

History and RP Sample


Human/LIfe Arc


Rukongai/Academy Initiation Arc


Academy Arc


Zanpakuto Bonding Arc


Lieutenant Arc


Captain Arc


RP Sample:


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