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 Through and through, the chaotic flash escort

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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Through and through, the chaotic flash escort   Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:58 am

Heiki had finished sweeping up the last of his neighbors porch. It was gathering a quanity of dust that should never build up in this amount of time. She must have had alot of guest who wiped there feet for too long. Bastards should know to take off their shoes before coming into her house. The elderly woman, now frail as a dying petal from the flower, swayed back and forth in her chair; her eyes were slightly open, looking at Heiki. From her standpoint, he was a blur moving around her, she could hear the brissles of the brush sweep on the stone as it blew into the ground.

The brissles made a hard landing as Heiki pressed down and hard on it, leaning against the broomstick. Her face change was highly focus; the strain in the neigbhors face was looking, no glaring at Heiki and then a smile that formed heavy creases on her darken and aged skin made her lean back in her chair "You finish" her voice was soft but the screehiness was there, it was in the background.

"Yes ma'am" Heiki cheerily said "All done. I couldn't let your doorstep to be all dusty. I remember you telling me that"
The seperate ha ha's from her mouth was witch like in nature, with an old creekiness, she began to stand up. Heiki was ready to move to her but she put her hand up to say no and got up. Her height had shrunken, now a frail four feet and nine inches, she was towered over the young Heiki. "I may be old, nearly half-blind and deaf but I ain't damn well dead or cripple. I still got strength to move. Let the lord give me that amount to move"

"Sorry" he scratched the back of his head with a tender embrassment "I just...I was really just...."

"I know Heiki, I know. There is no need to apologize. Come near me so I can see ya". Heiki did what she asked. He got down on one knee and looked up at her. Her hands moved anciently to his face and her wrinkled hands pressed against his warm and rugged skin. he had shave today before coming over to her house but that didn't seem to bother the woman. She wasn't looking up at him but up at the sky dreamily seeing something that Heiki could imagine the imagine belonging long in the past. "You've grown. So much so that I almost didn't reconize you really"

"What gave it away?"

"It was your voice. It's...hollow., no the word isn't hollow but something far deeper than that. I just dont know how to describe it" Heiki looked away from her face, even though she could barely see, the image of her green eyes he remembered from days past, youth ran through him and her eyes always strain to hit him with a wooden spoon if Yamamoto didn't punish him for his actions. She was strong to live this long and strong to have her mind in tact but to see her fade, it was hard for him.

She was dying and that's all that he saw in her face. He could see the restless face and the slowness of her arms and legs, she wanted to go to sleep and be taken away but something was keeping her here and it was painstakingly hard to watch. Heiki looked at her again and began to stand up. Her mind had drifted to the past and him standing broke the thoughts, now jumbled together in a net that she couldn't untangle.

"I have to leave to meet the Hokage. I have an escort mission to acquire. I'll be gone for awhile so please take care" His hands were beginning to lose its grip but her hand tighten on his thumbs with surprising strength. He looked at her and what he saw next surprised him even more with her appearance fading back twenty, maybe thirty years. She didn't say anything, she looked as if she was ready to break apart. She was ready to say to not go, please dont go, please...dont let this place change you. Heiki kissed the top of her hand and slipped past her grip. "I'll be back later to help around the house. Yamamoto will be here to check up on you later..." he was walking on the stone path and on the sidewalk.

He looked at his watch, he was going to me minutes late to this checkpoint he had to reach. Damn this huge village. He moved on the sidewalk for a few feet and then jumped in the air and on top of the buildings moving with surprising speeds across the rooftops. If he wasn't going to get time, he'll make time up. No matter how fast he went.

Time lapsed and he had reached the pather towards the certain checkpoint . His path continues when he was at the entrance of Konoha. The walls that surrounded this place that got larger and larger the closer Heiki got made it appear almost medieval. It didn't feel modern, as many of his associates had told him. They still had to hide between walls in order for no one to attack, they stilled carried on missions like the good foot soldiers they were, they had to walk to places in this metropolis type city with large buildings yet they had no technology other than a wall.

Heiki had a toothpick in his mouth, he was chewing at the ends of it before spitting it out into a trash can. The slyness of his hands moving into his pocket made it so that he was walking with something stuck up his ass, perhaps there was something up his ass cause somethings were just a hassle to do. He didn't want to do a escort mission for this new Raikage they put up. They barely had enough time with the first two, now they have this third one in his life time and they want him to escort him ack to Konoha.

Whomever came up with the mission-wait that is a dumb thought, the Hokage wants the Raikage to be here-was probably pulling his chain right now. He truly had more skills than escorting a single man across country. What's the damn point of being the strongest person in the village if you can't even defend yourself through the country. What, are you limited to that fucking village that if you set out, you'll die by the first low-level ninja? Bah, who was he fooling? No one, he can't really complain. He can only guess that his skills were necessary for protecting the poor son of a gun. After all, he is the famous Chaotic Flash.

At last, he stops at a guard house, it's large steel walls protected it from the inside and out. The bulletproof glass showed a man who was sleeping lazily with his head leaning on his hand. This guard, of course, was napping on the job and what was more disgraceful was the fact that if he were to die at this point, that person killing him would get a kick out of how this man was drooling from the left side of his face. Heiki knocks at the window making the guard jump up from his nap. He was regaining the composure he once had (before falling asleep) and fell over to the ground, landing on the side of his hip. He grabbed it immediately saying ow over and over

Heiki leans on the edge of the window and looks up at the sunny sky "you alright?" there was no hint of concern but it's not like this guard was anywhere near noticing that

"Y-Yeah" he said feverishly "I'm sorry, Heiki-san...it's just that..."

He waves his hand telling him to stop before taking out another toothpick from his pocket "Not here for you and dont put the honorifics with me, it's just annoying, ya know"

"Yes Heiki-san" as if he didn't here him. Heiki sighed and waited again. The timing of this mission was a bit horrible but he'll live with it he suppose

"You're not going to report me, are you sir?" the man had a frantic look on his face, his nervousness was definitely showing and Heiki could take advantage of it but he decided against it. The man already looked like he was going to shit himself, why make his day go from bad to worse. He probably got tired since it's a bit cool in the guard house, there is low traffic over here since it's a checkpoint from Kumo, not alot of people moving in and out. His buddy must've been on break and he was the one who would wake him up on these types of days.

"No, no I'm not. I'm just here for the Hokage to show up"

The nervousness in his face grew but there was sort of relieve in it as well. If the Hokage was coming and saw him, he probably would had shit his pants due to him sleeping on the job. "But no worries" Heiki continued. "He hasn't showed up yet and you're lucky I dont give a damn about things like this. Just try not to sleep, ok?"

"Yes sir"

""And knock it off with the sir"

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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PostSubject: Re: Through and through, the chaotic flash escort   Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:29 am

The Hokage's signature was scrawled across the botton of the order in almost blood red Ink. Shi look over the scroll in front of him, the order given by the Hokage himself which he held in his hands. "So the Raikage's coming to Konoha?" he chuckled lightly, that explains the rush that had been buzzing around Konoha for the last week or so, as he Hokage had ordered many to clean and check the defenses, it was now obvious that he wanted to leave an impression on the Raikage. Although he trusted the Hokage to lead the village, Shi found that he did not trust this visit, the three quick leadership changes within Kumogakure leaving him with an uneasy feeling. He knew nothing of how this Kage led his village or his attitude towards Konoha and it put him on edge.

Removing his mask momentarily he overlooked from the village from his high perch atop the Hokage Monument, he was well be on the sight of any prying eyes so he felt it safe to remove his mask as he examine the village which he held near his heart. His eyes peered intently as he watch the small ant sized people go about their business below. Ever since he had entered the academy he intended to protect his home and he knew that a peaceful meeting between the Raikage and the Hokage would strengthen and protect the village so he planned on completing the mission to the best of his ability.

Replacing his mask, Shi took up the scroll and examined it once more, the order was simple along with an assigned squad. Their leader was to be Heiki Kibou, an ex-ANBU member luckily so he would know the suitable formations to lead the other four members accompanying him to escort the Raikage. Shi had never met Heiki in person but he had head of the exploits of the “Chaotic Flash” the S rank Shinobi would be a good team leader for this mission. The other 3 members Shi knew as he was often paired with them on missions of great importance. Ichi, was a Nara and skilled tracker, While Ni and San were brothers who utilized techniques like Shi used.

Putting the scroll into his pouch on the left side of his waist, he looked down at the village once more and spotted a Shinobi moving at high speeds heading towards the village gate, the speed was a signature of Heiki and his intended location made it highly likely that it was in fact the mission leader and so Shi launched himself off in pursuit, taking the quickest route to the rooftops as he could, his cloak billowing behind him as he moved at a high speed.

Shi's speed was not as fast as Heiki's but he made it to the village gate, only to see Heiki standing beside the guard house. Shi didnt make his presence known, he moved nearly silent not going out of the way to silence his movements, but not being overly loud, his entire body covered by a thick black cloak which wrapped around his body covering any weapons he may carry and any armor he may have been wearing. Further more to emphasize his need for secrecy, his face was also hidden behind the traditional ANBU mask, with red markings in a fox pattern, only a wisp of his medium length black hear was visible between his hood and mask.

Shi bowed his head slightly in greeting, ”Greetings Heiki-sama” he said and then continued on without pause, ”As you most likely know we are to travel to Kumogakure and escort the Raikage back to Konoha, accompanying the two of us will by my fellow ANBU Ichi, Ni and San” he stopped finished with his statement just as 3 figures appeared behind him as if on cue. The three people wore clothing exactly like Shi's, however they had red, blond and brown hair rather than black. Shi smirked behind his mask as he spoke once more ”It seems we are all here and are ready whenever you are Heiki-Sama”

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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Re: Through and through, the chaotic flash escort   Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:59 am

The silence of these ANBU did not alert Heiki, mainly due to the fact that the urbanized sounds of cars moving, people walking and talking in this area would cover any sound these three would make, Heiki did look up however out of instincit. His instincit surprsinigly didn't fail him as the three masked ANBU. The first one who appeared was speaking to him but his attention was diverted at something else. His body leans off of the house and turns to the three ANBU

Unshock wasn't the word that he would use for cause he didn't think it existed in such language but there was no hint of disarray in his eyes, 3 or ten ANBU members, the Hokage was not letting this moment pass up for them to lead an important escort of a kage from another village. Konoha and Kumo weren't exactly friendly within each other but they weren't the enemies that they were once in the past. They were the guys that got together from time to time, maybe had a few drinks, get into a few bar fights, got hungover and call it a year or two before meeting up again.

He heard through ANBU the three kages that went and pass like flies. First was a young man of the age of seventeen, he didn't hear much about him though he knew he was probably one of their youngest to be a Raikage. From the information recieved, he now resides in Konoha, his memories erase yet his power remained. He didn't think there was an ounce of mercy left in Kumogakure, they aren't necessarily the kindest of villages.

Next was another kage that was only in there for a few months, his name was Kaji Koi Kanto. This guy Heiki didn't have feelings for, positive or negative, he was just doing his job to get Kumogakure running as one of the superpowers. During those months, there was a mass investigation as to what his quick actions were leading, the trail they had went cold after the sudden disapppearance of the Daimyo in Lightning country. He wondered if there was a group on the rise killing Daimyos not unlikely but....

His hand moves through his hair and he scratches his scalp. He had an habit of doing that when he was a bit unruly on himself. His mind couldn't come to the decision of whether he wanted to do this mission or not but it was too late to get out of it now. Three ANBU, three of which he probably seen before and they would know the basic formations. Better than a genin team he suppose. "Alright" he said taking a step at them "Nice to meet you...Ichi...Nii and San...." He kept on thinking one two and three was one hell of a odd name. "interesting names" his raised an eyebrow. He thought his last name was odd but now he'll never complain about it again after hearing those names

"Ah, yeah, well here's the gameplan, simple: Go to Kumo, escort the Raikage to and from Konoha. Basicially a cake mission." He then adds "Unless we get attacked by some unfornuate of men and women that wish him dead then it'll be a tricky"

He looks at the guard who was not standing up in the house. He still appeared nervous with his eyes dilated, his face a bit flush and beads of sweat dripped down his cheek. He smiled and then turned to the three ANBU "Now dont get me wrong. I like ANBU, I really do. I've been in it for years and I'm not complaining but here's the thing" His hand moves to the forehead protector "If shit hits the large industrial size fan, then dont hold back. I know plenty of people in ANBU that had a tendency of holding themselves back before killing a shurkien straight up their ass and into their gotdamn fuckin' lower intestines. If things dont go as plan, if Kumo decides they dont trust us, do not think just react, ok? The Hokage is extremely suspicious about this. This new Raikage buisness is sending alarms in his head. I aint dealing with dead mutha fuckin ANBU on my hands, aight?'

He looks at the guard and points at the door "Open it please" his words stabbed at the guard coldly, his knees and his hands shivered as he unlocked the small door that lead to the outside rather than the large gate. He almost didn't hit the button but the large gate but his hands had guided towards that button to unlock it. It made a click and it swung open "Thank you" Heiki said walking through the door.

Shikyo Riku:

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PostSubject: Re: Through and through, the chaotic flash escort   

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Through and through, the chaotic flash escort
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