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 Mind Blank Symbol Training (Closed 800+ words)

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PostSubject: Mind Blank Symbol Training (Closed 800+ words)   Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:04 pm

In the smoky confines of Lady Coal's private quarters there was much to keep the fair Lady occupied. Between researching all manner of new lore to pass her eyes, she also takes the perfection of her other visual arts quite seriously. It was not uncommon for Coal to copy books habitually, if only to keep her penmanship up to peak levels, and though she practiced frequently, it was a rarer occurrence that was happening tonight. Both research and penmanship had been put to the test already, because a new seal was being placed into her flesh. The tools of her trade were littered around her, and her privacy was only broken by one person.

As if a room containing Lady Coal was not heavenly enough, a mirror image of herself sat beside her. While the clone was fully dressed in her typical rather small robes, the true original was in no such state. The full pile of her supple and soft robes lay gathered about her round hips, fully exposing the large amount of work that had already been done. From her shoulders down Coal's bare flesh was exposed to the cool air of her workshop, her dainty shoulders and strong arms covered only in a small spattering of dark black ink. Each curve of her torso had been covered with an endless litany of fuuinjutsu script, the patches of pinkish flesh contrasting perfectly between the streaks of shining, still wet, black ink that clung to her body.

It was fortunate that she knew this seal well, else it's delicate placement may have ended up forcing her to expose far to much to someone, far too soon. Even as the night was edging on into approaching the early morning, the clone was still busy lettering in the full script required for the seal. The last portions of the seal outlined its destined location, and required the brush to graze over very delicate flesh. As Coal sips her wine, she can not help but giggle at the tickle of the ink coated brush. The last lines drew a circle across the inner curve of her ample breasts, and placed the focus of the seal at the center most point of her chest.

With the seal work complete, the cloned coal sets the brush down on the small ink pot sitting beside her. It'd taken three hours to fully scribe out the intricate detail required for the seal, but it would all be worth. After taking just a moment to clear her mind, the clone looks up at the original. Coal nods to her copy, and the clone reaches out to touch her. She places her hand lightly against Coal's heated flesh, dragging her fingertips across flesh so many others had ached to get so close too; and a moment later the seal activates, and all the black turns red.

As her chakra activates and fuel's the seal, the entire thing comes alive. Coal closes her eyes tightly as the seal's magic burns with red light, and a gentle heat. The ink all but vaporizes and the chakra sinks into Coal's flesh. All of the lines of script crawl over her skin and gather into the central point behind the clone's palm. The process takes all of five seconds and when it's over the seal has fully implanted itself in Coal's body. It would linger there until forcibly removed, though likely longer than that. As the clone removes her hand, she is the first to get a good look at the still active seal, and its results are immediately obvious.

The clone's eyes lower, taking in the full splendor of Coal's bare upper torso, but the seal's affects certainly interrupt the glorious view. The black circle was quite small in the long run, gracing the mid reaches of Coal's cleavage, and doing it's job well. Contained within the circle was a series of intersection lines and curves, angles which made no sense and a background of tangled lines that only captivated the mind. The immediate effect caused the clone to fully loose its concentration. Instead of falling over or passing out, the clone simply pops as it's chakra is allowed to roam free.

Alone again Coal only smiles. She had one more seal now, and one more tool to use in her own defense. She gathers up her robes and carefully slips her arms into each sleeve. She draws the soft silk up the length of her body until once more the luxurious fabric covers her small shoulders. She sighs with unhidden delight as she finally stands, working a loose knot into the sash of her robes as she did. Fully clothed the very top of the seal remained only faintly visible, it's upper arch sometimes finding exposure, depending just on how Coal moved her body. It'd be hard to see, but she had little doubt others would seek to see it. It would take a lucky glance for most.. and those who were so lucky, would not enjoy the outcome any more than her clone had.
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Mind Blank Symbol Training (Closed 800+ words)
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