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 Join the Super Fun Happy Club Today

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PostSubject: Join the Super Fun Happy Club Today   Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:07 pm

Join the Super Fun Happy Club Today

Greetings One and all, today is your lucky day. The Cult of Jashin Super Fun Happy Club is opening its door’s to new members. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to joining one of the evilest happiest groups in the Shinobi world.

What is the Super Fun Happy Club?

    The Super Fun Happy Club is international an extra circular club which offers a range of fun, happy after work activities for Shinobi of all ranks and ages. We are currently hoping to expand into the Shinobi nations and set up offices in Kumo and Konoha in order to provide happy fun for all concerned. It is not, I repeat not, a cover for a ancient and terrible cult of murderers who have sold their souls to Jashin for untold power and immortality. This is a malicious rumour and if anyone spreads we will kill them be happy to correct their misconceptions.

Who can join?

    Any Shinobi with the sad exceptions of Kages since we don’t want them knowing too much we cant currently get the liability insurance to cover them as of the moment though we are working to correct this. This said there are only a limited number of slots. We suggest you apply soon or risk missing out.

    We here at the Super Fun Happy Club try to focus are help on those who need it most, society’s unwanted sons and daughters. As a evil cult benevolent non profit organisation it is vital we help these disturbed and dangerous individuals to hone their skills and turn them into living weapons to become constructive members of society. If you are a disgruntled individual or know one please give them are contact details and one of our blood drenched disciples Super Fun Game Activity Leaders will see if something can’t be arranged.

What does the Super Fun Happy Club offer?

    On top of our famed day trips and holidays the club offers which will be discussed lower down membership gives access to exclusive items, training and equipment to ensure a fun time for all as well as fun range of activities. Here’s just a few:

Art Classes

The Opportunity to learn our world famous super happy whip blade dance

Relaxing Acupuncture and Reflexology Courses

Face Painting

Innovative Cosmetic Surgery.

Super Fun Happy Trips and Vacations

    In addition to all the services already mentioned and more we offer oppourtunities to go on a killing spree free trips and vacations all over the Shinobi nations. Our dedicated team of murderers Super Fun Co-ordinators work long and hard each year to devise holidays just for our club members. Since they are largely Shinobi these super fun excursions usually involve live re-enactment of famous battles or conflicts where victims highly skilled actors play the role as the enemy. The very life like screams and pleads for mercy took years of training to perform and as for the apparent killing we use the latest in genjutsu to simulate deaths. I can’t tell you how much we at the super fun happy club want to avoid [stike]not[/stike] killing people and take every safety precaution. Sadly our actions are often misunderstand as is the ceremonial holiday robes we give everyone to make them highly recognisable and encourage a happy atmosphere. Let me take this opportunity to tell you that they are in fact very fun happy days out suitable for all the family. To prove this I have taken the liberty of enclosing some recent holiday snaps:

Super Fun Happy Club Pet Party

A picture from our recent trip to the former town of Jubi

Two members going on a site seeing tribe of fire temple where they performed the Club’s dance of 1000 blades for an audience of amazed monks many of whom mysteriously collapsed in the excitement

    As you can see these days out are innocent joy rides and any perceived harm caused is just an after affect of the realistic genjutsu used. It is a testament to the skill of the actors the club employs that there apparent dying screams are so believable.

Interview with Club General Secretary

    To give potential new members a real insight we have taken the liberty of inserting a recent interview with the Club’s high priest lovable General Secretary Mr Bump by an independent reporter for Hobbies Monthly. The transcript goes as follows:

    Reporter: This month I am sad to say that Mr J A Shin, Chairman and Founder of the Super Fun Happy Club could not be present to answer some questions. Fortunately the club has sent it’s General Secretary Mr Bump. Welcome Mr Bump

    Mr Bump: Hello Readers of Hobbies Monthly.

    Reporter: For those who don’t know the Super Fun Club is the latest in series of extra circular clubs for Shinobi, which according to its literature provides fun and vibrant opportunities to relax, cut loose and enjoy themselves.

    Mr Bump: Indeed we offer a range of valued, fun events designed for all ages and sexes

    Reporter: Coming to the main point if you don’t mind, your club has stood accused of cutting loose a little too much. That it is a thinly veiled front for an evil diabolic cult hell bent on wiping out mankind. What do you have to say to these accusations

    Mr Bump: Sound akin to ravings of mad man. Honestly do you think a evil organisation would call itself the Super Fun Happy Club and do face painting?

    Reporter: Very well how do you explain the disappearance of the Town of Jubi one day after your so called trip there?

    Mr Bump: You will note the term ‘after’. We had already left at the time, having said are goodbyes to the its wonderful inhabitants. We were most upset to here of the destruction that had been uncovered. It was a delightful place and we have already started to raise money for a new trip to go help off those 3 young orphans who escaped the flames and are said to be the only witnesses. We must take care of the little ones after all

    Reporter: The orphans in question give a very striking account of your tied everyone up and placed them in a burning burn and laughing as they were burned to a crisp.

    Mr Bump: Kids today have such frightful imaginations. Whatever will they think of next, that I danced over the graves in a ritualistic fashion?

    Reporter: Actually my sources suggest you did

    Mr Bump: Really now, who precisely are your sources?

    Reporter:I can not say Mr Bump as you are aware we keep our sources confidential here at …. Why are your eyes glowing, whys it getting dark Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    At this point there the interview came to a rather unfortunate abrupt end as Mr Bump and the dear reporter had a heart to heart and the reporter thoughtfully provided the names of the informants. These have since being add to our execution complaints list and will be receiving a complimentary appointment by one of our skilled representatives in the near future. We would likewise like anyone else who has some information to report or a complaint to contact us directly in a similar vein. The reporter sadly fell very ill at this point and died from natural causes. Let us take this moment to reassure those of you who heard of what happened that death by being impaled on a spear is perfectly natural as confirmed by a club approved medical professional

This concludes the Super Fun Happy Club’s announcement. If you eager to join us and start having fun just give us a PM. And should you here any more dirty rumours remember that we are government approved and if you can’t trust the government who can you


Mr Bump is currently looking for new friends to join his Super Funny Happy Club. Click here for details. If interested please send your application to Super Fun Happy Club, Just off the Pit of Flames, 9th Circle of Hell or PM him. On second thoughts the latter might be quicker ...
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Join the Super Fun Happy Club Today
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