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 Mitsuhide's 2 bone Jutsu

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PostSubject: Mitsuhide's 2 bone Jutsu    Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:22 pm

(OOC: The following jutsu and the "Bone Shield jutsu" Mitsu can learn now as a genin, but are only able to learn the C-rank version.)
Name of Jutsu: Dance of Seeding Fern (WIP)
Rank: C-S
Users: Mitsuhide
Type of Jutsu:: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity: None
Training Link:
Description:: The user must be in contact with the ground in order to use this jutsu. The user sends spikes into the ground and have them protrude suddenly out. The spike size, length, number, and attack radius increase with each rank.

C Rank: The user can make up to four, five foot spikes in a five foot radius. This can only be used once per 2 posts.

Name of Jutsu: Bone shield jutsu
Rank: C-A
Users: Mitsuhide
Type of Jutsu:: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity: None
Training Link:
Description:: The user creates a shield on their arm. The higher rank of the jutsu used, the more chakra is used, and durability increased. The higher rank, the hight of jumps and speed are decreased. If the shield is broken, the user is unable to create a shield of the same rank for a number of posts, but can make a shield of a lower rank one post sooner (-1 number of posts per rank difference. so if A rank needed 3 posts, B rank could be made in 2 and C rank could be made after 1.)

C Rank: The shield is two feet wide, and three feet long at the top. The shield is about as strong as iron. The shield looks like like an isosceles triangle with rounded points. If the shield is destroyed, the user must wait 1 post until it can be made again.

B Rank: The shield is around the same, but the strength is increased to the point of refined steel. the shield is also four and one half feet wide and three feet wide, with similar shape. If the shield is destroyed, the user must wait 2 posts to re make another B rank shield.

A Rank: The shield is strong enough to block most physical attacks and is as hard as diamond. The shield is five feet long and three feet wide, with similar shape as the previous ranks. If shield is destroyed, the user must wait 3 posts before creating another A rank shield.

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PostSubject: Re: Mitsuhide's 2 bone Jutsu    Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:15 am

Approved for training
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Mitsuhide's 2 bone Jutsu
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