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 Kianna Hyuuga [WIP]

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Akira Black

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PostSubject: Kianna Hyuuga [WIP]   Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:48 pm

Name: Kianna Hyuuga
Nickname/Alias: "The Snake Mistress"

Age: 20
Age Appearance: 20

Kianna is tall and slim, (5'6 and weighs 121 lb). Her hair is light pink. When it's let down it goes to just below her waist. Usually though, wears up in a ponytail so it doesn't get in her way while fighting. She has grey/black eyes, which look even darker when she's angry. When she's feeling triumphant, they glitter in a rather strange, mocking way. She usually baggy, black shinobi pants, and a loose, soft, short sleeved T-shirt. She prefers to dress for comfort, not appearance. She wears sandals all the time, no matter what she's doing. If she's going somewhere important, such as heading into a battle that was planned ahead of time, she may dress up a bit, so when she's triumphant she'll look good.

Gender: Female

Skill Level:
Ninja Rank: Genin

Village: Rain
Birthplace: Rain
Previous Village: -

Clan/Bloodline: Hyuuga

Kianna usually keeps to herself. She either has her head in a book and is studying, or is training to become a stronger ninja. When in a group she doesn't talk much, except to challenge people to fights, or debate about a topic she's interested in. She has very strong opinions on things. However, when someone makes her angry, she is anything but calm. She had a horrible temper, and she won't hesitate to yell and swear at you, and sometimes attack you. There isn't anyone alive she cares for. She mostly just sees most people as objects, pawns to move around as she likes. Things that don't matter. The only people she really loved is her mother sister Yuka, and her father. However, she has never loved anyone in a romantic way and it is unlikely that she ever will. She doesn't care about relationships like that. Power and revenge are the only things that really matter to her. She'll kill an innocent person without a single glance. Men, women, children... it doesn't matter who. She sees them all the same. Obstacles in her way.


Canon Personality:

Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity:

Kianna was born in the Leaf village two years before her sister, Takira, and she constintly saw people being killed. Although Kianna was very young, she learned quickly that the only was to survive in this world was to fight and kill. When she was three her mother died giving birth to her youngest sister, Yuka. Kianna wasn't close to either of her sisters, but she hated Takira. Even though her father always pushed Takira to be a better ninja, it was clear that Takira was their father's favorite, and Kianna resented that greatly. Since her mother was dead, her father was the only one Kianna could turn to and she was very hurt when Takira was always put over her. She was the oldest, so she thought she should get the best of everything, but she never did. It was always Takira. Kianna grew cold, and she grew farther apart from her family.

Soon she entered the academy. The work at the academy was easy for Kianna, and she quickly aced every test. She was known as a genius, admired from a far. The other kids never dared to come close to her, for fair she might do something to them. She was known for her temper, even as a kid, but she was strangely quiet. She only spoke when she had to, so her temper didn't flare often. But when it did, it was bad. She had gotten in trouble only a few times, but it was huge trouble, which often got her suspended for days, or even weeks. She knew he wouldn't be able to graduate if she kept this up, but she couldn't help it. Whenever someone said something she didn't agree with, she would get angry. But this didn't happen much, for Kianna tried to stay as far as possible from the other students. Because she learned to keep his distance more and more, she didn't get in anymore trouble. As she advanced at the academy, she became even more quiet and reserved. No one in the class knew she was there, unless she had to perform a jutsu. She came and went silently, handing all her work in. She skipped grades because the work was too easy for her, and became a mystery student. Most people didn't know who she was.

She graduated at the top of hes class at 9, and joined a team of three genin. Her sensei's name was Lianne, a kind woman who never had anything bad to say about anyone. Her teammates were Kaiko, a loud, obnoxious boy who was always trying to be best at everything, and Hanna, also loud and obnoxious, and always trying to be best. Kaiko and Hanna got in many fights, and Lianne was always trying to get them to stop. She didn't have much time for Kianna, but that was fine with her because she was doing well on her own. Her skills were far above her teammates, and for this they became jealous of her. Jealous, but also interested and curious. They wanted to know her secrets and how she became such a good ninja, but she never told them anything. Kianna and the genin trained long and hard, day after day. They grew, and at the age of 11 got a new mission. The mission was to help find a lost kitten in the Rain Village, and all three genin thought this was the stupidest mission in the world, not to mention the easiest. But it wasn't. On the way there, two missing ninja, one chunnin and one jounin, tried to kill them. The ninja had no real reason to kill them, except that they wanted to kill as many people as possible, and be known throughout the world. Kianna's team was just unlucky victims. Lianne was killed fighting the jounin, although she left him badly injured. Kianna and Hanna were fighting the chunnin, while Kaiko tried to kill the hurt jounin. But unfortunately the jounin wasn't as hurt as he looked. Kaiko was soon killed. Kianna and Hanna continued to fight the chunnin, and were winning. Suddenly Hanna found herself with poison needles all over her body. She fell to the ground, dead. Kianna, with her advanced abilities, surprised the chunnin with an attack, killing him. Kianna never finished the mission, and walked home alone, the bodies of the others still laying bloody on the ground. Kianna didn't mourn for her teammates or sensei; she had never liked them. When she got back to the village she reported what happened, and soon everyone in the village knew. Knew that Kianna, a genin, had survived and attack with chunnin and jounin level ninjas that even her own sensei had not survived. This frightened the people. They knew that the Black clan was powerful, but thought by killing most of the clan nothing much would come out of the power. They were frightened of Kianna, but didn't think she would do anything to them. After all, it was a huge village and she was just a girl. Kianna continued her training with a new team, surpassing her teammates greatly. She became very skilled in ninjutsu, doing things most genin couldn't do.

RP Sample:
Special Characteristics:

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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Re: Kianna Hyuuga [WIP]   Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:32 am

Amegakure no sato isn't open for a village. It's either Konoha or Kumo or become one of the Akatsuki.

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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PostSubject: Re: Kianna Hyuuga [WIP]   Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:59 pm

Archived due to user inactivity.

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PostSubject: Re: Kianna Hyuuga [WIP]   

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Kianna Hyuuga [WIP]
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