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 Matsu Kaguya VS. Sanzen Makai [Finals]

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PostSubject: Matsu Kaguya VS. Sanzen Makai [Finals]   Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:39 pm

It was time yet again for the ninja to pick up their weapons, remember their jutsu, and meet head on in a duel to win. It was unlike Sanzen to go out of her way to sign up for any sort of tournament but she was still trying to learn, to practice, to grow. She wished to test her odds against other Chunin and so far she had killed one but hasn't really came across another. That is, until today. Sanzen was apparently taking on a Chunin by the name of Matsu Kaguya. Due to researching a bit about the Kaguya, Sanzen was aware of their skill to use their bones to fight. This meant she would need to stay away from him as much as possible. Due to using bones, he would probably be known for some forms of taijutsu as well. Maybe even kenjutsu. His elements were unknown though which meant she would need to do whatever she could to get him to show her.

Fixing her pouch with tools she hooked them on to her side before adjusting her shirt. All the while her mind was swarming with numerous thoughts and plans regarding the battle; what she should and shouldn't do plus more. She was already prepared for any possible fire techniques for she was wearing her fireproof gear beneath a pair of black shorts and a gray short sleeved shirt. It was a bit open in the front but this was only because she was a kunoichi. Everyone knew what kunoichi were tuaght to do to men/enemies in the academy years. Sanzen happened to have more experience from working in the red light district to. She did not normally play dirty though in battle, well seducing wise, so Matsu may be lucky. It all mostly depended on his personality and body language for the truth was Sanzen did not know anything about this Matsu person besides what some of his capabilities may be. He however may have heard news of her recent killing which meant he knew a bit about her. This made her eyebrows come togther a bit while she finished preparing. She hated that the opponent could possibly know more about her then she them.

Shaking her head, she shrugged it off before she exited out of her home and made her way to the arena. It was an hour before their set fighting time which meant she had plenty of time to check in and what not before the fight. She didn't wish to waste time though nor be late. When they both arrived was when they would fight, well, after the genin rounds were over. Thinking of this soon brought a bit of a smile to her face. Her "student", Shihouin, would be fighting in the genin round. Her belief was that he would win. Even though she didn't know who he was fighting, ts belief was 100%. She had a lot of faith in him and couldn't wait to hear the results of his fight. At the moment, she needed to worry about her own though. She felt deep down she needed this win more than anything. It wasn't because of the prize or glory of winning but merely for herself so that she knew mentally that she was capable of fighting efficiently and was able to defeat foes. The more the merrier. One day, when she was ready, she planned on going on missions to far off lands and travel a lot. Her sights were set for ANBU and she knew she needed to make sure she got there before her student did. Otherwise it would be a bit embarrassing. To bad for her he was catching up quick.

Arriving at the tournament area, Sanzen quickly went over to the check in area and informed them of her arrival. Apparently her opponent had not arrived yet. This made her feel more at ease. Maybe she would get slightly lucky and he wouldn't show up. Even though she wished to fight, winning by default was rather nice to. She wondered what the prize was like. Keeping on guard for any possible sneak attack, since they were common, Sanzen approached their assigned arena and waited near the gateway. Those in the tournament weren't allowed to enter before their opponent arrived. This was so nobody set any traps early and both would start out fresh and on even ground. This gave Sanzen some time to check over everything once more before releasing a sigh.

She was ready to fight and more importantly, ready to win no matter what.
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Matsu Kaguya VS. Sanzen Makai [Finals]
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