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 Air Tight Schedule

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PostSubject: Air Tight Schedule   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:02 pm

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to dick measure here with people who have heavier schedules and can handle them, but I took on a lot more than I actually thought I was going to do.

I have school 7:35 AM-2:35 PM each day, but I have to factor in that I have to stay after school for Honors Calculus because it doesn't have its own class, and my class has to share with Pre-Calc, which will take up most of the period. So, that increase my time at my school about 30 minutes or so.

I also have to factor in two AP courses that are not part of my school curriculum that I created so I could learn some more stuff. Now, idk if you ever had an AP class in your life or not, but it is going to be super hard. It is basically a college class camouflage into a high school class, but only more work. The thing is that I have to teach myself most of this stuff because my school teachers do not have room in their schedules until 7th period and after school.

After doing rough calculations and estimations in my head, I am looking at probably somewhere around 3-5 hours of homework a night: 1-2 hours for my honors work and 2-3 hours for AP work. Also, due to the fact that I have to stay after school for some more time for AP class instruction, I will not be getting home until 4:00 PM from school. Now adding 3-5 hours of homework, one gets 7:00PM-9:00 PM.

Now, that isn't all. I am going to be practicing ACT and SAT most likely every night, too. So, on average I might be spending 1 hours a night on that, putting me at 8:00 PM-10 PM.

Finally, I have yet to calculate clubs, community service, and other stuff I will be largely involved in. This includes: quiz team (captain), science club (most likely going to have some position), student council (most likely am going to have some position), Spanish club, french club, Honors Society (Vice-pres.), etc, etc. <.<

These are all rough estimations, and by no means do this mean I am going to be this busy every day. Now, I am just going off of what I know about how much I work accordingly with other classes, and I do not want to get Bs under any circumstances, although at times I have sucummed to these things rarely. If I have to come here to post instead of doing my, no offense, more important work, I might fall behind in work and I can't be having that.

I still have my weekends mostly free, but they are likely to get filled up by activities from clubs at times and community service. I still will have time to post every day, at least for one, but some people will have to understand it I do not get on for a day or so to post at times. Now, if I am in a topic with multiple people, I will try my damnedest to post my best every day, but sometimes I cannot be here.

I am not going to leave yet, but if I have to I will. I will test this out to see how this stuff works. As the year goes on though, I should get less and less work, so the pressure will be off my back. Right now I feel like Atlas having the whole world on my shoulders and the weight crushing down on me. Let me see if I can just take on a little bit more weight.
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Air Tight Schedule
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