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 KH charrie

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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: KH charrie   Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:22 pm

Name: Leon Tavolin

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Home World: Twilight Town. Currently resides in The World That Never Was.

Race/Species: Human

Appearance: Leon is slightly small for his age, not height wise, but body wise. Weighing in at 135 lbs at the mere height of 5’10”, and the age of 21, he can be considered somewhat petite. Blonde spikey hair and blue, sapphire colored eyes adorn his head, his eyes always seeming to have a cold, yet forlorn look in them. This is mostly due to Leons past, one that he doesn’t really talk about.

Adorning his body are some semi-odd garments, more of leader attire than a mere normal person would think about wearing. A black, silk dress shirt that is unbuttoned revealing a white undershirt covers his torso, while a black pair of dress pants, modified to allow for evasive actions, covers his lower half. Due to his accidents with learning how to use his sword, Leon now wears steel toed boots, carbon steel being able to stop the heavy blade without denting, allowing Leon to keep his feet. On Leons back is a black cape with a blue horizontal stripe down the middle, and held together by a gold chain in the front. Between the cape and the shirt is a sheathe that Leon uses for his giant sword when travelling.

Alignment: Neutral

Elemental Mastery:

Primary: Molten

Secondary: Rose/Plant

Tertiary: Nothingness

Personality: On the outside, Leon is cold to the bone. The hardship of his life lines up with being alone so much of the time before the present. His callous nature makes him appear somewhat distant to others and distrustful to newcomers.

This is only natural to him, and those that know of his past understand to such behavior. However, those that know him do happen to have a tendency to want to knock some sense into him due to his need to be superior at certain times.

On the inside however, Leon is loyal to a fault. Sure, there are times he may need to sacrifice one of his friends in order to get something he needs for world domination, but he always goes to get them back shortly after he gets what he needs. He also will go to hell and back to get his friends back, provided he didnt send them there in the first place. If he did, there would be a good reason for it.

Weapons: Bastard Sword.

Fighting Style: Leon is, for lack of a better term, a tank. Being able to take large amounts of damage despite his petite size, and dishing out large amounts of damage also. Most of his style is swinging asround the giant sword with some form of grace, using its immense weight and his own strength to be able to crack concrete in a singe blow if he concentrates enough. Otherwise its enough to easily break small weapons such as sai, and send the opponent flying if the weapon doesnt break.

Affinities: Attack/Strength, Evasion/Agility. Two Handed and One handed swords.

Weaknesses: Attack Speed, Magical Defense, Luck/Chance

Stats: Since there’s no real number scale here, I’m going to make a quick one up so I can elaborate more on the strengths and weaknesses. 10 is max, 1 is absolute minimum

Mana/Magic Offensive: 4 Medium, not extremely good at, but doesn’t suck at it either. Although he is leaning to the sucking side.

Attack/Strength: 9 Look at his sword, and the generic brand of Bastard Swords

Evasion/Agility: 7 Yes, this is including the sword. The strength requires agility to manipulate correctly

Speed: 3 It’s a big sword

Magical Defense: 2

Luck/Chance: 2 He ended up on the world that never was. Definitely unlucky

Defense: 8 Due to the sword and training needed wield the sword has caused many falls and accidents

Accuracy: 3 Big sword. Obviously hard to NOT dodge due to attack speed

History: (What has your character done? What does he/she plan to do? What is his/her ambitions? What does he/she want in life?)



Leon Tavolin
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KH charrie
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